Thoughts on love

I got to thinking about some stuff, and, it seems to indeed be possible to fall in love with a preferred occupation (that doesn’t entail pursuing another person) in the same manner that we associate with falling in love with a mate. It’s like, what is love after all? Is it not a relationship with some(thing) that happens to be the kingpin of our life’s pursuits and occupations? At the moment it strikes me that the two loves essentially operate in the same way, and that, in turn, it’s true that they are interchangeable mechanisms—that they both accomplish the same end. So, one who is in love with his occupations could not too be “in love” with his mate. Perhaps the person could be in semi-love with both things at the same point in time, but I don’t think that they could be completely in love with both things at the same time. This is why true love is so possible when you’re a teen, or a kid. When you’re younger, it’s more likely for your central interest to be a mate, or a potential mate. Life’s easy at that time; kids don’t even consciously know what ‘occupation’, or ‘passion’, means. When we’re kids our ambitions and goals are so shambolic, each object of interest being granted nearly the same significance in our outstretched minds, that we are just as likely to fall into a relationship with a person as we are to fall into one with an occupation—maybe more likely. When you don’t have a future to worry about, love with another person is as pure and as likely as ever. As we get older and our interests and obligations become more pronounced, we are more liable to fall into relationships with occupations, and thus a sole focus on love with another person becomes less achievable. Honestly, whenever I see a couple that’s above twenty years old and fully in love I’m somewhat amazed. In order for two people to be so infatuated with one another, what their lives must entail. They must live a life unique to being in love with a person. All of their occupations are in some way linked to that other person. That sort of scares me, actually. In a way, that kind of seems like a waste of life. It’s not an accomplishment-oriented way to spend your time.. it’s more of an idle life. Two people, just surviving and enjoying each other’s company and their environment. Sounds peachy, but kind of ridiculous from a practical standpoint. I can’t see myself ever living that life for more than a month. I think I would just realize what I’m doing and get all bummed on myself for becoming so detached from my previous dreams and occupations. I guess the whole thing makes a lot more sense when you’re under the influence of love. Anyways, I think it’s then understandable why people who are in love with pursuing their interests and occupations are often melancholic. These people simply can’t have true love with another person without distancing themselves some amount from their occupational interests—sort of a tormenting position to be in I would imagine. It also makes a lot of sense that happiness is such a rare thing in adult life. If happiness is utter satisfaction, how can we ever achieve it? We can’t have the loves that we desire, those with our occupations and with our significant other, simultaneously. They’re like oil and vinegar. So we get artificial satisfaction from drugs! haha. No. Kind of. Or, perhaps our lack of happiness is a trick of the mind. Perhaps we could achieve a voluntary satisfaction through simply comprehending the notion that love is, essentially, the same thing, whether it’s between a person or an occupation. I don’t know if that’s actually possible, but I think the cognizance could at least soothe certain thoughts, like those of inadequacy or feeling abnormal. Okay, that’s all for now.

The End

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