Thoughts On Her....Mature

I look up from my drawing to see this girl sitting with her girlfriend across the table from me. Her girlfriend looks like a total bitch. This is the first time I've seen her up close. I couldn't see her eyes but she was really pretty, with her pin straight hair, and her facial features, undescribable. She was always so quiet. She was beautiful. This was also the first time I had seen her in a revealing shirt. We were all making buttons. After they made theirs they went outside. I was still working on one. Later when I was going back inside she was by the door with her girlfriend. She talked to me. She's so beautiful. She noticed I had made another button, she didn't know what it said because I manged to spell "fail" wrong. So I told her what it said and that I spelt it wrong. She laughed. So beautiful.... <3

The End

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