Jenna: MilkMature

The next day the sun was shining, the birds were singing and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

The perfect serenity of the morning was broken as another murder was uncovered. It was a girl again, Hannah Valentine. There was a definite link between the victims, all aged between 16-19 years old and living within twenty or so miles of one another.

That day, when Jenna found the new victim’s face on the television, she was a little unnerved. Soon, it could be her face on the news.

Her phone bleeped.

Jen going to lunch with that guy today, wish me luck! – Em XX

She quickly tapped a reply back:

Good luck Em, be careful xoxo

She quickly pondered going along with her friend, just to make sure she didn’t come to any harm. But she knew Emily would soon send her away; she was confident enough without her friend tagging along. Besides, they were going to meet in a public place, Jenna was sure. And Emily wasn’t stupid enough to go anywhere private with him.

 ‘Jenna?’ Her mum popped her head round the bedroom door.


‘Would you mind popping to the shops for me? We’ve ran out of milk and your grandma will be here soon.’

‘Sure thing.’

‘You should be fine, it’s broad daylight and…’ her mother trailed off.

‘Mum I will be fine, don’t worry. I’ll only be gone thirty minutes at the max.’

Jenna grabbed her bag from the bed and jogged down the stairs. She called goodbye before setting off into the sunshine. It really was a nice day and for once Jenna tried to ignore the thoughts about the killer that had seemed to take up permanent residence in her mind lately. The authorities would catch him/her soon enough; she didn’t have to worry.

The store was busier than usual and Jenna had to edge past several people to get to the dairy aisle.

‘Typical.’ The last carton of milk was on the very top shelf, impossible for a normal human being of her height to reach. Now the real dilemma she had to face was should she stand on her toes and attempt to grab it or just ask for assistance? If she did the latter she would spare herself the humiliation of amused onlookers if she couldn’t quite reach it.

Either way she had to decide soon, she was looking like a lost lamb staring up at the milk like this.

Before she knew what was happening, a long pale arm reached past her and took the milk from the shelf. She was just about to ask the stranger to grab another one for her before he handed it to her himself. She stared at him. He was unfamiliar in every way possible, and every bit as intimidating.  Black hair mussed up slightly framed well-defined facial features and ice blue eyes. He was tall, towering over her; must have been at least six foot.

‘There you go,’ his voice was smooth, confident. Jenna’s blood rushed to her cheeks involuntarily as she mumbled a “thanks”.

‘You’re welcome. The name’s Tyler,’ he extended a hand and Jenna’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. The way he spoke, with an overly self-assured tone seemed to prickle her somehow. He seemed like the type of guy who thought he could get any girl he wanted. Plus that smirk was really grating her. Her teeth came together with an audible snap.

‘Jenna,’ she enunciated the two syllables.

He seemed slightly amused by her reaction, his mouth twitched in the corners. ‘Have a nice day Jenna.’

‘Yeah. Thanks again for the milk.’ She turned on her heel without giving him another glance.

She didn’t know then just how much of a huge mistake she had made turning her back on him.

The End

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