What I do bestMature

Tyler stared at the two girls through the glazed window of the café. Emily had led him straight to this Jenna person. She was actually quite cute, with her ivory skin, and the way the waves of her auburn hair rested on her shoulders. Something about her intrigued Tyler. He suddenly found himself curious, filled with a desire to discover more about this girl. A sadistic grin crossed his face. He would find out all he needed to know, and then, he would erase her from this life. Chuckling to himself, Tyler strode away, hands in his pockets.


As he wandered the streets, looking for a potential new victim, Tyler’s thoughts wandered back to the girl Jenna. She really was quite a mystery. He shook his head to clear his obsession, and in doing so bumped into someone walking the opposite direction. She started and dropped what she was carrying. Tyler looked down and saw keys on the ground. He bent and scooped them up, handing them back to the girl.

“Thanks”, she breathed.

“No problem. Wouldn’t they be safer in your bag?” he asked.

“They’re not mine, I’m bringing them back to my boyfriend; he left them at my place”.

“Oh right. You need some help finding him?”

“No no, that’s ok”. Her phone beeped and she retrieved it from her bag. “It’s him. He says he’ll get them from me tonight at my place”.

“Well that’s good”.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll be going home again so”.

“Let me walk you”.


Tyler and the girl reached her house within ten minutes. They stopped at the gate, as she laughed at a joke he had told.

“You know, I never got your name” he said.

“It’s Hannah”.

“I’m Tyler”.

“Would you like to come in for a drink?”

“Sure I would”.

The two walked up the drive and Hannah opened the front door. She gestured for Tyler to enter, and then locked the door behind them.

“Nice place you’ve got here” he said, looking around.

“Thanks”. She went to move past him but found her arm caught in his iron grip. “What are you doing?” she asked, her voice trembling.

“What I do best” Tyler replied. Then, his knife was entering her gut and twisting. Blood poured onto the white rug on the floor, and Hannah slumped down onto it. Tyler bent next to her and sliced across her abdomen, spilling her insides onto the floor. She lay there, wheezing as crimson liquid drained from her open stomach. Tyler admired his handiwork, then left the house through the back door.  

The End

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