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Jenna rested her chin on the palm of her hand and lifted her eyes upwards to stare out of the large bay window into the pouring rain. It had been raining for a good hour and a half now. The droplets falling against the glass, turning into little rivulets, competed with one another to reach the wooden frame first. She placed her hand against the window; the coldness against her skin was comforting to her.

It was only eight o clock on a Tuesday night and she was bored out of her mind. Heaving a sigh, she got up and crossed her room to switch on the laptop. Trying to stay away from the internet was proving to be an impossible feat, especially on nights like this. With college in the morning and all of her homework done, Jenna felt utterly incapable of thinking up something decent she could be doing right now.

Whilst she waited for the laptop to load, she went downstairs to pour herself a drink.

She was halfway through the living room when the television claimed her attention. It was breaking news and there was a news reporter with a serious expression standing in front of what looked like a crime scene; a cordoned off house with men in white overalls and police vans parked against the pavement. Out of curiosity more than anything else, Jenna turned the volume up.

‘Eighteen year old student Daniella Smith was found brutally stabbed to death at her house in the early hours of Sunday morning. Her younger sister, who cannot be named for security reasons, was the one who found her, instantly calling for the police.’

A picture flashed onto the screen over the reporter’s voice. A girl, very pretty, with bright blue eyes and hair the colour of corn silk was smiling into the camera, showing a row of straight white teeth. Jenna frowned. Such cruelness and hatred in the world. She wondered briefly what had led someone to take the life of this young girl. What went through their mind as they looked into the eyes of the person they were taking from this world?

‘Daniella was a student at Bridgehill University studying medicine and aspiring to be a vet. She was described by loved ones as ‘the most genuine, warm-hearted person there ever was.’ Police suspect that the murder was done by the same killer who took the life of young Tara Fielding just twenty four hours before in the small village of Askyn. They are advising citizens to travel in groups no less than three and to lock their doors at night. This was Miranda Turmult reporting for Olympus News.’

Jenna had always tried to see the beauty in the world, but it was times like these that she wondered where it actually was, and how much was left.

Out of nowhere, a knock interrupted her thoughts.

Someone was at the front door.

The End

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