I Am Darkness


I am the heart of fear, the centre of hatred. I go where light cannot, where light does not.

I am midnight, the pinnacle of the dark hours, where no light shines save the moon. But the moon is dimmer, weaker than the sun, but also kinder, more forgiving. She welcomes me into her realm where he does not. She moves across the sky, watching as I take the land the instant the sun leaves it at dusk, and fleeing before the first rays of dawn.

I am there when you turn your back, hiding in the shadows when you look. I am always there, showing myself only when there is no light, when you blink, when you close your eyes to sleep.

I am the root of corruption, the force that drives the good insane, and the insane evil. I do not do these things willingly, they are my nature, my contract, the only way I can maintain a human form. 

I do not choose this existence, walking the earth like an animal. I wish to be free, to walk between the stars, ethereal once more.

I was not always of the shadows.

I am Darkness.

[EDIT]: WTF?!!?!?! When the hell did I write this? God, I'm creeping myself out now.

The End

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