I lay here, staring at the ceiling. Through the silence, I can hear the murmur of the radio , playing in the next room. Tonight is no different than any other. Just countless hours spent, with my eyes fixated on the roof, thoughts consuming my mind.

 Thoughts about them. The ones that say that they love you, and always will. Then why does my mind constantly waver, to thoughts where I am alone? Where everyone that I love has deserted me, and left me out in the cold. I'm constantly afraid that I am that friend who everyone sits up all night talking about. The girl everyone loves to hate.

 Then right on schedule, my mind takes a slight turn. The turn leads me to a road, where all the signs point to him. That boy. I wonder if he knows how much that he means to me. How many pens are ran dry, their ink used to write his name. Over and over again, I picture his beautiful face. But something is drastically wrong. As I fantasize, I also picture her. The beautiful girl that he seems to adore. The girl that could have anyone in the world, because she's ideal. She's smart, thin and tall. Every boy's fantasy. And she is right there next to you; strapped to your arm.

 As snow begins to dance across the sky outside my room, I'll stop thinking about all of you. I've already wasted enough time, dreaming of the impossible. For now I'll try to sleep, things always seem better there.

 My eyes begin to close, and from a distance I hear your voice; calling me to a place where you are mine.


The End

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