this is just a synopsis of some thoughts that i have been having lately..

Today when I was sitting in the office I felt quite distracted. No it doesn’t mean that this has started today only. It has been quite a while now. This sudden yearn in my heart, and flashes of old reminisces pierce through my heart at odd moments. Where are those days gone?
Sometimes I ponder if we as a generation have seen so much of change that it sometimes feel like the other times were a different era all together.

The school days come rushing to my mind wherein I am entering my school again in my mind and the first image that conjures up my mind is of our holy father I can just see the white towering statue so clearly in my mind. The statue of our Holy Father with his arms wide stretched, open wide, calling us to him, beckoning us to take comfort in him when no one gives it.

I remember the path we walked to the school, strewn with small, wild flowers. We used to trample the poor grass and spared the flowers. In a way it was a lesson of its kind of how life is? Don’t the regulars get sidelined and kicked and the beautiful people get all the dues and attention. Cycling and walking, these were the ways we used to go to school. Children then also used to come in chauffeured cars but for us this was the way. The world wasn’t this fast then or maybe we were too young to notice. But I remember the mornings with its dew on the grass and flowers and the evenings when the sun cast its hues in different shades of ochre, yellows and red, the times when we walked the roads under the shades of the green trees.

The beauty of nature never ceased to amaze us. It doesn’t do today too but where is the time we once had to look at it. The swaying wind, I can still hear it melodious rustle amid the leaves of the trees of my school. The pathway down to different blocks had narrow roads with overshadowing eucalyptus trees; we used to squint towards them at times while playing hopscotch wondering how tall they grew It was a different world all together and the flashes of that distant world knocks at my heart at entirely unpredictable moments and a wave of nostalgia sweeps me up and I can feel the throb of unshed tears stinging at the back of my eyes.

The End

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