Ugh, Grown ups.

That wasn't what I thought I was signing up for. I love to swim, but I didn't think that anyone could suck the fun out of it. I going to the pool at summer time and being lazy with my friends.

All we do now is go around in laps at the city pool, while carol yells at us, "Come on, you can go faster than that. We are not doing any thing else until every one picks up the pace." Isn't she charming?

She is what I classify as a bully. I cannot stand bullies. That is one reason I feel the need to stand up to her. I know for a fact my sister won't stand-up for any thing or any body. She will just stand there, looking at her shoes, until she is done being yelled at. I don't have that kind of patience.

That is kinda my job on school grounds. I am the midget defense club president. I am master of the save the dorks club. I am defender of nerds and cheerleders alike.

I am not all big and muscley. I am not twig-like either. I have enough muscles to take on the star quaterback, but I can also take care of a kindergardener that skinned his knee. I am like Superman. Except I am a girl. And I don't have a secret identity.(of course, if i did, i couldnt tell you)

So, guess I am not Superman. I guess I am just Asima. I am Asima Sari Caliopa Chason.

Yup, it's a mouthful.

The End

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