Thought up

A general every-day life story.......that may turn into adventure?

I stood at the edge of the swimming pool, with smelly bleach water in my blue swimsuit. Next to me, my sister stood silently, she as well, drenched and water dripping from her tied up hair. Just in front of me sat my swimming instructor, she was busy talking to Martha, “Just saying that there’s a swimming party next week where all the improvers meet up and just swim and have fun! We’d be glad if you could join us!” She said that twice again to two more of our classmates, Laura (who was pregnant) and Kate. They all said they’d think about it, I mean, why would anyone bother going? Then she came to us.

“Girls,” she said, “I was just going to say that in this improver’s class for adults, it would be nice if you wouldn’t mess around as much. I’m not saying you did anything wrong because you haven’t, but if you want to mess around; you can go to the kids’ classes and mess around. There are adults here who really want to swim and improve their ability to swim. This isn’t a place for you to mess around, I hope you can understand that, I mean, there’s pregnant women here.”

“Yes, we understand, I’m sorry.” My sister replied. I fidgeted. Yeah right.

“Oh no, I’m not saying you did anything wrong so no need to apologise,” Carol returned, Carol, that was her name, “I know you weren’t doing anything on purpose, I just thought it would be nice if you would respect other people a little more. That’s all.”

 What? That’s it? No party for us? I wouldn’t go even if she begged me to, but since she was the one telling us to be polite, uh……..I sighed.

“Ok.” My sister murmured. She started to turn away and walk slowly to the changing rooms. She seemed to think everything was her fault. No talking back, getting told off for doing things she didn’t do, doing all the work without complaining, that sort of thing.

“Um, aren’t you going to invite us to the swimming party?” I started, come on! My sister beckoned, I ignored her. “How is it that everyone else gets to go and we don’t huh?”

“’Well, because I know you’ll probably just mess around and start a chaos.” Carol explained, “This is very serious, you know that don’t you?”

“Uh huh, but didn’t you just say that it was supposed to be a fun session?” I said.

“Look,” she told me,”I don’t have time for this right now, I’m a busy woman.”

“Fine, before I go, tell me what we did wrong?” My sister walked back to where we were and leaned on a wall, shivering, she was clearly used to me grumbling at things like this to people. She knew there was no point trying to pull me away, I’d just carry on so now she just leaves me be and waits.

“Well, you were just playing around and kicking each other, I don’t think this sort of behavior should be right. It is very dangerous for other people near you. They probably wouldn’t mind in the kid’s classes.”

“Why do you keep going on about the kid classes? Am I 3 years old? Remind yourself that you were the one who suggested I should be in the Adult classes because you thought we would be uncomfortable learning to swim with 3 year olds. How can you blame me for being a teenager, for acting like a kid? ‘Oh, I’m in an adult class so I am now officially an adult now, and have to act so very responsibly.’” I answered back.

The End

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