Though it be Madness

At some time, dawn had decided to creep in, bringing with it strained beams of light, which of only a few managed to cut themselves a hole through the dark clouds matted over the early morning sky. One such strand of light found itself an impeccably annoying path, avoiding such obstacles as a tall rusty signpost, in between near crumbling apartment buildings. Where other beams of light fell short, it managed to squeeze itself through a set of shutters.

With the dawn all manners of other thing decided to reappear to the rest of existence, and in this room it was fulfilled by the waking of a young female, cursing spitefully towards the direction of the light and a bird’s song. With a hand shielding her sensitive eyes, Alandia only managed to catch a glimpse of the noisy disturber, which, she now realized was not a bird, but rather a familiar in a misguided impersonation of one, it shrieking hideously and disappearing before Alandia draped a dark sheet over her traitorous shutters.

With the light no longer trespassing into her room, Alandia gathered various items of clothing from their hiding places, among other things, a tight fitting sleeveless turtleneck, and a pair loosing fitting pants, whose material appeared to be silk or some other soft fabric. Both were black. With those, and respective female undergarments in hand, she locked herself in her bathroom, a small alcove barley fitting a rundown shower, toilet, and sink, and she started to dimly illuminate the room.

The light isn’t all that bad.

A male voice appeared, and if it had a corporal form, it sounded as though it would have been engaging itself in a most peculiar sneer.

 If you didn’t shut yourself from it constantly, maybe if you actually went outside more... You’d develop a tolerance for it?

The words seem to echo around the room, with no apparent speaker.

Alandia, who shed her clothing to revel her naked figure, promptly ignored. Clothed, Alandia’s body was perfect, due to rigorous daily routines; she was fit, lean, and blessed with an ample figure.

You know,

The voice echoed a disturbing laugh.

All those other girls... They envy you. I wonder what they would think if they knew what your body was really like...

Still appearing to ignore the voice, Alandia gingerly reached over her back and ran her hand over her protruding spine, which resembled a metallic pipe; the beginnings of wires could be seen on parts of it, tunneling underneath her skin, to disappear into her body. Other parts of her body resembled various mechanical apparatuses, mainly, two cylindrical openings on either of her hips; and her left ankle, composed of pistons and pipes, bearing an eyrie resemblance to what the inner part of an ankle should normally look like. Scars also covered vast expanses of her body, including a large line that started above her stomach, and wound its way up her chest, between her breasts, almost to her neck. The combination of ruined flesh, and robotic components, gave her body an otherworldly, disturbing appearance.

You’re almost... disgusting...

Another menacing laugh.

Alandia looked almost past the mirror above her sink, which showed a distorted reflection, she wasn’t extremely beautiful, but pretty enough for her age. She often found herself wishing her father could have altered her face as well, so that it would be amazing like the others, whose faces, although being a mound of plastic, were extremely beautiful. Perfect.

You’re a miracle of medical science, your figure is envious, and yet you wish your face looked better. Humans can never have enough.

This time the voice wormed it way into Alandia thoughts and snapped her back from her contemplation. She stared deep into the mirror, and with the realization that her left eye was red, whereas her right was deep brown...

This is going to hurt.

The voice took to laughing again.

Alandia smashed the crown of her head into the mirror, shattering it instantaneously, sending fine shards of glass across the grey tile floor, the color being slowly joined by a deep red.

The laughing stopped.

Until much later when Alandia turned the shower on, and it sputtered water into her long dark brown hair, there was no sound in the room except for a constant patter from the blood pooling on the floor. Alandia, after washing her body thoroughly with a bar of expensive smelling soap, started to wash the clotted blood out of her hair with lavender shampoo. She dropped to the bottom of the shower with a large crash, unconscious.


Alandia woke with a start, sitting up panting heavily.  It took her a moment before her vision cleared, and she realized she was sitting atop her bed. The next thing she noticed was how fast she was breathing, and the sweat covering her entire fully clothed form. “A... dream?” She whispered softly, scanning the room she noticed a trail of blood leading out of the shower, and her hair was damp from water, not sweat. “No, but...” She raised her left hand slowly to the top of her head, and felt a sharp throb of pain upon its contact.

Did you really think that would work?

“Not really. It never does. I can try though.” Alandia let out a deep sigh. He would never leave her alone.

You’re lucky you woke up clothed this time.

The voice paused, as almost as it was looking around, looking for something.

‘Cause your late.

Alandia panted out a few colorful words before summoning the bodily strength to lift herself out of her sitting position, and she glanced towards the door, where a pair of black combat boots stood poised on a mat, waiting for her. “Did you do this? Dress me, I mean.”

Nah, I’m not that lucky.

The voice let out a hollow laugh, which sounded like air escaping from a long, echoing pipe.

She did.

“She?” Alandia grew quiet. She started to open her mouth, and then, when no words came out, she closed it again. She tried once more, and sound came out, although it was barely a hoarse quivering gasp. “There’s... More of you?”


The voice adopted a condescending tone, and Alandia felt almost as if she was being mocked.

She’s different... But you’ll come to know her soon enough, I’m sure

A final echoing laugh bounced around the room, and it was a while before it died out.

The End

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