Those Wonderful Green Eyes

As I lay with Veronica on her death  bed, she clutches my hand to take shelter from the dark shadows that are swallowing her up at this moment. But I can't do anything other than stay with her and tell her everything is going to be alright even though it's not going to be.

No one can fix her. Not even the best doctor in the world. It's like something that gets destroyed in a fire. You may be able to get another one, but in no way possible will it ever be the same as the first.

Right now I stare at Veronica, deep into her emerald green eyes. Even though her eyelids are fluttering, I still catch glimpses of them.

With the hand that I am not holding her with, I brush some hair out of her face and she manages a small grin. Even though she is dying, she looks more beatiful than ever. I comb through the blond curls that frame her face.

When her breathing gets stuck in ragged patterns, I know this is truly the end. She only has about a minute or so left. Then I have a flashback.

The first thing I remember is her lips, pressed to mine. My hands crawling up her back as we make out in the rain. The way she laughs when we accidently bump noses. I know I will miss that, but don't they always say that it is better to love once then never to love at all?

She mumbles something and I make it out as my name. After her eyes close forever, her stomach barely moves. But when it stays still, I regret not kissing her again before she went out again. She doesn't deserve a knife in her side.

 As I remember her soft good-bye, a single tear rolls down my cheek. It lands in a small pool on her cheekbone.

After about ten minutes, I finally decide it's time to say my final good-byes. I lean down and kiss her on the nose, wishing so desperatly that this was all a horrible nightmare and I would wake up to find her curled up and asleep next to me. But as I whisper "I love you," I back up and walk away, never looking back.

The End

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