Liam Joins The Game.

              Crap. I’m going to be late at the rate I’m going at. Where is my left shoe? It’s not under my bed or on the floor.

              “Hey Father Stephens,” I stuck my head out of my room and yelled down the hallway. “Have you seen my left shoe? You know, it’s a brown Chuck.”

              “If it’s a high-top, it’s down in the chapel.” Father Stephens is the pastor here at Edington Priory Church. He found me as a child, abandoned at the steps of the church. Raised me like I was his own son and even gave me the name Liam. He may be preoccupied with his clergy duties from time to time but he is a loving and caring person. “Hurry up or you are going to be late Liam.”

              I attempt a mad dash down the stairs in to the chapel. Sometimes I hate this dark brown hair of mine, it grows out so slowly and gets in my face a lot. Sometime, I think I’ll just go and dye it black eventually. I would like to have pitch black hair and pale skin just like Father Stephens.

              Down in the chapel quickly go and grab my show. I was lucky that I didn’t end up falling and tripping down the stairs again.

              “Did you finish your homework?” Father Stephens held open the chapel doors as I hobbled around on one foot trying to get my left shoe on my foot. I finally get the shoe on but didn’t bother to tie it. I am almost out of time anyways.

              “Yeah,” I run out of the door as I shout back at Father. The school bus is honking its horn as I run up to it. “I worked on it during the night.” Father Stephens sighed as I finished my mad sprint across the Priory grave yard to get to the bus. He knew that at night I feel smarter than in the day. It’s like I get bombarded with information starting at dusk. Stuff I’ve never learned.

              Looking out of the window of the bus as we come closer to the school I see a car. The windows are tinted and look extremely suspicious. But, the girl coming out of the back seat of the car, she isn’t just hot. She’s beautiful. But I’ve never seen her here before. Where did she come from?

              As I get off of the bus I try not to draw any attention to myself, but she turns her head in my direction. Her waist long, silky, black hair flowed which contrasted with her pale skin and hazel eyes. Her thin pink lips pressed together in a faint toothless smile. She ran towards me with her arms wide open.

              “Armin!” She locked me in her tight embrace. The suffocating hug felt warm and comforting. If only I knew her name. “I haven’t seen you in years brother.”

              Wait, what? Did she just call me her brother? I was abandoned as an infant, how could I have a sister? I mean, this girl does have a pretty face but she seems like a bolt is missing in her head somewhere. This girl is delusional.

              “Excuse me for askin-”

              “Oh,” She interrupts me. “Armin, you know you don’t have to be so polite to me. I am your twin sister after all.” Twin! She thinks that I’m her twin? This girl has to be stupid. My hair is brown, not black.

              Oh well, I guess I’ll play along with this girl’s game for now if it helps me keep this face around for a while. I’m fine with lying. It sounds sort of fun. There’s no use in explaining everything to her if I know she won’t listen anyways.

              “It’s been forty five-one hasn’t it?” Not only does this girl interrupt me, but she interrupts my thoughts. Who is she anyways?

The End

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