Liam is Left All Alone

It was just a really slow school day. Yeah, school can be boring but this was worse than usual. The minute hand on the clock would not move no matter how long I stared at it. Not like staring at a clock helps or anything, I just wanted to get out of the awkward situation I had been put in by chance by the public school system and my teachers. The situation? Her. That mysterious girl who appears out of nowhere, calls me a mysterious name, and decides to mysteriously invade my life.

After looking at her schedule I found out that her name is Marin Woon and that she has all but one of her classes with me. Just great. It seems that I have to continue this game with her. I bet by now she has probably figured out that I'm not the Armin she knows but I'm just a normal British boy living in the countryside. I don't want to get involved with the city folk more than I have to. 

Thankfully she doesn't take the bus home. Besides study hall, the bus is my sanctuary. Resting my neck against the back of the cracked leather in the bus seat I let out a loud sigh. That day was over and now I had to prepare for tonight's service with Father Stephens. I think it's the chores that I have to do to prepare for service that made be be against organized religion in the first place. Religion shouldn't involve this much set up for an hour long service twice a week. It's too much work.

Something feels off as I step off of the school bus and walk pass the wooden gate that stands infront of the stone church. Father Stephens stands outside of the church doors. Something is wrong with this scene. Father should be happily scurrying inside of the church cleaning the altar while spurting out random bible verses he plans to use in the night's sermon. No, he just stands there by the door staring at me. 

"Liam," Father coughed a few times. "Mr. Bethune died earlier this morning. The family wants him buried next to his ancestors." Great, another chore for me to do. People need to stop dying. There's been too many deaths recently.

Edington is so small that we don't have a gravedigger other than me. This is extremely back breaking labor being pushed on to a developing teenager. At least I always have my handy copy of The Gravedigger's Handbook with me as I work. It helps make an accurate hole in the ground.

I  drop my things and pick up the shovel on the ground. Father Stephens shows me the plot of land to dig and I start digging. The sun starts to set and I am still working. As the moon rises I start to feel a burst of energy help my digging. With each lunge towards the ground I no longer feel weak. My digging is more efficient and I focus on finishing at least half of the whole before going to bed. 

I decide to dig through the night service. Father Stephens won't mind. People start to fill the church. Everyone goes to all of the services. The only excuse to skip church would be that you're in a coma which is very unlikely. So of course I expected Marin to be at tonight's service.

When I saw her walk down the stone path to the church doors I felt something I had never felt towards her before, pure hate. Yes, she annoys me and I have no idea what she is thinking, but I have never hated her. It felt like it wasn't me who was in control anymore but a darker and more prominent figure inside of me that had taken the reigns. 

The End

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