Those Who Walk Upon The Night

A girl of another species moves to Edington, England to complete a mission. A boy discovers that he is no longer human. A supernatural killer runs through the streets of Edington bringing the boy and the girl together in to a never ending battle. The Night Walkers are here to stay.


"Marin Woon, you are to be stationed at Edington, England. Once you are there, you are to infiltrate their community and find the murderous member of the Mori clan. This is an extremely high ranked member. Take caution."

              In this dark chamber a light shone down on me. I have been in the room of the elders plenty of times so I am no longer scared of this room. There are much scarier things in this world.

              I realize that they are waiting on me. In my stupor, I rush to salute the elders in the unseen darkness. Due to my rush to salute, the side of my right hand hits my head. I am extremely tempted to rub my head to ease the pain of the impact. I grab my left hand to prevent showing my weakness to simple pain.

              “Very well Marin Woon, you are dismissed.”

My left hand goes to my head again to salute then back again to my side in one sharp and lucid movement. With a pivot, I spin one hundred and eighty degrees back towards the door that lead me to this dark chamber. The clicking of my shoes echo though out the room as I leave. It was a lonesome sound that followed me back into the bright hallway. A group of maids greeted me in the hallway.

              “Excuse-moi, Mlle. Woon.” A tall and skinny maid ran to the front of the crowd yelling out for me in French. The young girl stood out among the others. Her wispy and silky hair fell down slightly below her waist. It was a beautiful brunette color. She quickly clasped her mouth in shame.

              “Je comprends francais.” I told her that I understood French as I gently tugged on her arm to reassure her. Even though the main head quarters of the Woon clan is in Paris, France English is still the main language used by the clan. Maids and servants are required to fluently speak English. Most of the clan cannot speak French anyways.

              “Ah,” The maid shook her head. “Non, non, Mlle. I do not want to risk the chance of being caught speaking French. Especially to you Mlle., as you are the daughter of the head.”

              “Oh that is fine.” I tried to get back on topic. “Anyways, there was something you wanted to tell me?”

              “Why yes Mlle.,” The maid smoothed the front of her purple dress. Her skin seems a little darker than the average member’s skin color. I guess father has started hiring humans in low starter jobs now. “All of your clothes have been packed. M. Woon has told me that you are to board the next flight to London. A car shall be waiting for you there.”

              I grunted with disagreement. Father knows that I had always wanted to take the Chunnel if I ever had the chance to go to England. I have told him about this constantly when I was a young child. It seems that the maid noticed my weakness. I lock in all of my emotion once again.

              “You do not have enough time to take the Chunnel to England Mlle.” As the maid attempts to ease my childish fears, I calm myself. It was just a child’s dream. I am an adult now. I can handle a mission like this. “The Chunnel will not get you to England fast enough.”

              “I am fine.” I am not. “When does this flight start boarding?”

              The maid led me to the doorway of the head quarters as we were talking. She opened up a locket that hung around her neck. Inside of the locket there was not a picture. Inside of the locket was an analog clock. She checked it once and slammed it shut. She pushed me towards the door. I was handed my bright yellow, hard covered suit case by its black handle. “Here are your things Mlle. There is a car outside waiting for you. You are to leave for the airport immediately.”

              The sun started to rise as I exited the head quarters. The human maid was yelling and waving as the car left the drive way. She wished me good luck as I left for the mission that waited for me in England. I asked the driver to roll down the window. The cool air of dawn hit my face as I stuck my head out of the window. I tried to shout back at the maid. But in reality I knew that I was wishing my good-byes to my homeland of France. I may never return back to that same building ever again.

              “Au revoir!” As I shout out to the wind I feel as if I am releasing all of my pent up emotions in to a place where no one can see them. “Au revoir France!”

               Going to England would be similar to going in to a war zone. England is not the territory of the enemy. England is the only country that has a head quarter from of both of the clans. Llywellyn would like England to be a neutral country between the Woon and Mori clans. The Mori clan disregarded Llywellyn’s request and attacked our English head quarters in London. We do not want to fight but we must to protect ourselves as a whole.

              I do not like it at all when I am sent out in to the world. If I have to leave the safety of the Parisian head quarters, I am required to communicate with humans. Humans are not trust worthy creatures in the least. I hate having to be with them. The humans are the reason why we are like this. Our pitch black nails and hair, our pale white skin, and our razor sharp cartilage were all a mistake made by the humans.

              I wish I could have a partner on my missions sometimes. I just want to finish this quickly and return home immediately.

The End

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