General Shiami vs KrowMature


            Chapter 14:

The General points her zanpaktõ at Krow. The latter forms his other gunsword.

"Shit." he sighs.

"He just pull it out of thin air," a samurai exclaims,

"it must be some witchcraft they use."

Eletricity starts going around General Shiami, startling the men behind her.

"She's going all out right from the start!"

The general dashes at the Shinigami and goes for a diagonal slash. Krow dodges. The part of the temple in front of Shiami gets completely destroyed. Krow jumps out of the smoke.

"Holy shit, she fucking mutilated it."

The she appears in front of him, upside down. She slashes upward and Krow blocks with both of his gunswords. He gets forced higher into the air. Krow points the nozzle at her and shoots. The blood pierces Shiami's armor effortlessly. The Shinigami let's go of the gunswords and they dash toward her and stabs her, also effortlessly piercing the armor. The general rips them out and the swords spiral around her, forming a ball with the chains. She slashes through the chains and blood splatters on her. Shiami runs up the chains and jumps toward Krow. She goes for a slashes as he makes his swords teleport to him. Her zanpaktõ is covered in electricity and Krow's gunswords aren't going to make it in time to counter or block.


Suddenly, Raven intercepts the attack using a arm blade and kicks Shiami to the ground. The two Shinigami land. Shiami stands up and puts her weapon away.

"General, we should head back."

"Yeah, we should."

She points her zanpaktõ at Krow and Raven.

"But listen Shinigami, next time we meet, I'll kill you. You and all of your kind."

"Do you really think you can kill every single one of us?"

"Of course, I'm the strongest in the universe, I'll kill anyone who gets in my way."

"Alright, I'll tell all the Shinigami about how you and your little humans can kills us all."

Krow and Raven go through a portal and General Shiami and her army go to meet with the emperor of Japan. Krow walks up to Eli, who's sitting in his throne.

"Why are you here, loser."

"The humans want a war."

"They what?"

"Some general said that she could and would kill all of us."

"Interesting, let's see if this general has the skill to back it up."

He stands up and stretches.

"I'll let Koto know and then I'll get everyone ready."

The End

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