The End of Peace.Mature


                          Chapter 13:

Kuro is walking through a village and is ambushed by samurai. One of them slashes him across his chest. Kuro summons Percival and kills him.

"This feeling.."

he kills four more.

"I forgot what it feels like to kill." Kuro smiles.

He dashes behind one. He swings the scythe in between the samurai's legs and the blade stabs his stomach. Kuro puts his foot on the samurai's back, forcing him down and the blade comes out his back. He rips the scythe out and lunges at the others. Eli lunges at Koto and attacks. Suddenly, the three Shinigami fall and are unable to move. Koto picks up Eli by his shirt collar.

"I didn't kill Shiina over the staff, honestly I couldn't care less for it. She's a descendent of the wretched human that killed Xiliang. And just a descendant, the reincarnation!"

Koto throws Eli and dashes toward him. He jabs Eli in the stomach. He spits up blood and falls, screaming in agony. Someone walks in, a man around Eli's height.

"Father, what are they doing here."

"We were having a conversation, Izanagi."

Eli's screaming had stopped and he was just laying there.

"Pitiful creatures." Izanagi expresses,

right before spitting on Eli.

"Izanagi, that wasn't necessary. They is no need for your hatred for Shinigami."

Meanwhile, Krow walks into a temple. A priest was holding a dagger and was about to stab a newborn. Krow grabs his wrist, getting the priest's attention.

"Demon!" He shouts,

"How dare you enter this holy temple!"

"I'm no demon. Now, why are you trying stab a newborn?"

"It's possessed, I'll purge it from this world!"

Chains come out of Krow's wrists and wrap around the priest. The father of the newborn grabs the dagger. Krow forms one of his gunswords and points it at him.

"Try something and I'll send you to the gods."

"What are you?"

"A Shinigami."

The father stabs the newborn. Krow's chains turn into spikes and he jerks his arm back, killing the priest. He then stabs the father in the heart and rips the sword out through his waist. The mother runs away, leaving the temple. The Shinigami walks over to the dying newborn and kneels in front of it.

"Poor kid, you weren't even given a chance. I'll give you one."

He puts his hand around it's neck and snaps it with his thumb.

"You! Get up!" Someone yells.

Krow looks up and sees a woman pointing a katana at him.

"General Shiami, he's a Shinigami, so we have to be cautious."

A samurai says to her.

"I know."

Krow stands up and the samurai reach for their weapons.

The End

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