The fight between the strongestMature

                        Chapter 10:

Eli and Fujiwara stand in a small crater. They jumps and dash toward each other. They clash and Fujiwara sends Eli into the air. Eli sprouts crow-like wings from his back and flies toward him. Fujiwara starts levitating and dashes toward Eli. They clash again and again, moving at an unbelievable speed. Eli gets hit into the ocean and he slides across the water. He blocks an incoming attack from Fujiwara. They both go for a barrage of slashes while sliding across the water. Fujiwara goes for a horizontal slash and Eli goes for a vertical one. They go past each other and water goes everywhere. Eli's pupils glow white and everything starts moving slower. He goes for a slash but Fujiwara blocks it. Everything starts moving normally. Eli grabs Fujiwara and they dash off into the distance. They crash into a beach and sand goes everywhere. Fujiwara appears in the air and rapidly sends out slash waves. Eli dodges all of them and then gets tackled. The sky gets covered in dark clouds. They crash into the top floor of Kyoto Castle and continue fighting. Eli shoves Fujiwara through the floor and they fall to the next level. Fujiwara's sword gets covered darkness and goes for a slash. Eli tries to counter it but fails. His katana gets cut in half and he is sent flying. He regains balance and flies toward Fujiwara. He creates two hatches and him and Fujiwara collide. It creates a shock wave that destroys the castle. Eli's pupils glow white and then time stops. He looks around and Fujiwara is no where to be found.

"Damn it."

He says while he makes time move. Fujiwara comes out of the sky and Eli blocks his attack. They jump back and float in the air. Fujiwara goes for a vertical slash, but Eli parries it. He grabs Fujiwara shoved him toward the ground. Fujiwara stabs him in the stomach. The Masamune goes in all the way to the hilt. Eli throws him into the ground and he bounces of it. Eli rips out the Masamune and then uses it to slash him repeatedly. He kicks Fujiwara in the side of the head. They hit the ground and Fujiwara slides across the ground with Eli standing on him. He does a flip off of him, causing Fujiwara to fly up into the air. Eli then uses the Masamune to slash him across the chest as he is falling.

The End

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