New beginningsMature

                        Chapter 9:

Fujiwara is in The Human Realm, watching the sun set while on the edge of a cliff. Fuyumi walks up behind him and he turns around. She blushes. Fujiwara's cold stare and long hair blowing in the wind was almost too much for her.

"Need something?" He asks softly.

"D-do you c-come h-here o-o-often?"

"No, I was just thinking to myself and I am here because it is quiet."

"Oh, t-the v-view is nice."

"Yeah, I guess. I am not one to enjoy beauty."

"W-why not?"

"I do not know."

Fujiwara looks down at her waist and walks toward her. He gets really close to her, making her blush even more. Fujiwara reaches down and grabs her rapier and pulls it out of the sheath.

"I have never seen this type of weapon before," He explains while examining it,

"What is it called?"

"I-It's a rapier."

"I see."

Fujiwara slashes and stabs the air, mimicking Fuyumi's attacks from their fight. He gives her the sword and she puts it in the sheath. Eli walks up,

"You see me?"

Fujiwara looks up at him.

"That is correct, your skill in battle and your awareness has been lacking since Shiina died."

"The fuck did you say." Eli retorts, sounding angry.

"Your skills are lacking, you are not the strongest in your current state."

Eli pulls out a katana.

"You wanna fucking test that, asshole!"

Fujiwara forms his Masamune.

"Very well."

They stare at each other.

"Get back, Fuyumi, if you get caught up in this battle, you will die."

Fujiwara tells her. The female Shinigami ran away and the two got into a stance. They dash toward each other and their swords collide, creating a shock wave. Fuyumi gets sent flying from it and goes off the cliff. She gets saved by Krow and he stabs his gunsword into the side of the cliff, stopping them from falling.

"Those two are going at it? Great, just great." 

The End

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