Eli & the new ShinigamiMature

                         Chapter: 8

Eli glares at Kuro, holding the the scythe. Kuro jumps back and starts moving slower. Eli punches him in the stomach, causing him to spit up blood. He lands and Eli appears behind him. Kuro attacks him with Percival and he counters with a swift kick. Kuro slides across the ground. Eli lifts up his hand,

"I have things to do, I'll end this right now."

A strange scythe appears in front of him.

"Rip him to shreds, Kresnik!"

The scythe flies toward Kuro. Meanwhile, Fujiwara walks up the new Shinigami.

"You are Fuyumi I presume." He says, getting her attention.

She turns around and blushes.

"Y-yes, t-that's me."

"I'm Fujiwara, I will examine your skills."


"That is correct."

Fuyumi stands up and pulls out a rapier. Fujiwara forms his Masamune. They both get into a stance. She goes for a stab and Fujiwara dodges.

"I do not sense any fear coming from her." He thinks to himself.

Fuyumi dashes past him and cuts his shoulder. She goes for a stab, however he disarms her. Fuyumi falls back and Fujiwara points the tip of the sword at her neck. His Masamune disappears and Fuyumi stands up. A portal opens up and the two Shinigami looks at it. Eli walks through, scythe over his shoulder with a bloody Kuro dangling from the blade. He throws Kuro off and the latter rolls on the ground and then slides. Fujiwara sees that Kuro is still breathing, but slowly. He picks him up and takes him to the healing lake.

The End

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