Chapter 7:

Fujiwara gets into a stance and darkness starts spiralling around him. The ground starts shaking. Darkness bursts of the blade. He walks toward Kuro, the ground comes up around his feet with each step. All the grass around him turns gray. Kuro is shaking, completely terrified.

"Have you begun to understand the why I'm the most feared Shinigami?" Fujiwara asks, holding up his sword.

The Shinigami goes for a downward slash. Suddenly, they hear a high pitched sound and fly off in opposite directions. Kuro looks up a sees a strange scythe with the blade in the ground.

"So, this is where it was sent." Fujiwara thinks, standing back up.

 Kuro walks over it, cautiously. He grabs the handle and rips it out of the ground.


Kuro starts looking around, trying to figure who said that.


Kuro looks down at the scythe, confused.

"Percival?" He says, trying to comprehend.

"This boy, just got a lot more...interesting." Fujiwara thinks to himself.

"Fujiwara." Someone says, causing him to turn his head.

It was Eli, he had his hands in his pockets and using his left foot to scratch his right leg. "What do you need?"

"There is a new Shinigami, a girl named Fuyumi."

"How did she become one?"

"Koto made her one a few minutes ago."

"I see."

Eli and Fujiwara walk away and Fujiwara opens a portal.

"Wait!" Kuro yells, tightly gripping Percival.

Eli turns around, but Fujiwara goes through the portal.

"Ever since I first became a Shinigami," Kuro states,

"I've just been itching to kill you."

"The fuck?"

"You killed me you Bastard."

Kuro lunges at Eli and attacks him with his new scythe. Eli lifts up his hand and catches the blade.

The End

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