Fujiwara, the most feared ShinigamiMature

                         Chapter 6:

Fujiwara is confronted by Kuro, Akitora, and a female Shinigami named Yukina.

"What is the meaning of this? He asks, crossing his arms.

"We are going to kill your ass." Akitora answers, pointing at him.

"You can't be serious."

"I am!"

The three Shinigami form their weapons. Yukina forms a snake sword, Akitora forms a scythe, and Kuro, his great sword. Fujiwara sighs and forms his Masamune and gets into a stance. They attack him and he blocks all of them and teleports to the top of a building.

"As you know, I am The most feared Shinigami." He explains,

"It's time you learn why."

The Shinigami lifts his right hand into the air, causing storm clouds to spiral toward the air above his hand. He disappears and reappears behind Kuro. Yukina extends her sword toward Fujiwara and he dodges. Akitora jumps and tries to slash him, but misses. Kuro lunges and does a upward slash. Fujiwara blocks, but is forced toward a building. Fujiwara flips and his feet land on the side of the building. Yukina appears behind and attacks. Fujiwara turns and intercepts. While blocking her attacks, Akitora goes for a slash, but is blocked. They simultaneously start a barrage of slashes, however Fujiwara easily blocks every hit. Kuro's sword becomes covered in red aura and he lunges at them and attacks Fujiwara. He blocks but is shoved into the building. He lands and Akitora slices through all of the pillars,causing the upper level to fall. The building starts to collapse. They jump from one piece of debris to another, attacking with each jump. Fujiwara lands on a piece of debris and the other three land on surrounding pieces. They simultaneously start attacking him and he skillfully blocks and intercepts each attack. The building collapses completely and Kuro, Akitora, and Yukina jump out of the smoke. Fujiwara dashes out of the smoke and stabs Yukina in the chest, purposely missing her heart. He rips the sword out and dashes past Akitora, a cut appears across his chest and he falls. Fujiwara slowly walks toward Kuro. He steps on Akitora's left leg, crushing it. Kuro dashes at him and attacks him, but gets disarmed. He goes for a punch but gets kicked in the side a slides across the ground. Fujiwara continues to walk toward him. "You are trying to kill someone who you fear deeply." Fujiwara's blade drops to the ground, slicing through Yukina's shoulder, and slide across the ground as he moves toward Kuro.

The End

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