The two meet againMature

                         Chapter 5:

A month has past since Kuro became a Shinigami. He walks up to Eli, who is sitting in his throne.

"What do you want?" He asks, sounding irritated.

"I was told you have an assignment for me."

"Oh, so you're Kuro. You seem...familiar. Whatever, I want you to find Krow."

Kuro leaves and opens a portal to the Human Realm. He walks past a human and it jumps back and yells. Kuro looks over at him,

"What are you so afraid of?" He asks.

"It's y-you. Y-you're b-back." The frightened man stutters,

"No-Name is b-back from the d-dead!"

Kuro sighs and walks away.

"My name is Kuro." He retorts.

He walks into a small village. He looks over and sees Krow and walks over to him.


He turns around and sees Kuro.

"You're that kid from before, I like your new look."

"Eli wanted me to retrieve you."

"I'll go when I'm ready."

"You're coming now."

"You can't order me around, remember that fight we had?"

Kuro draws his sword. Krow forms his weapons, Two gunswords, each connected to a chain that wraps around his wrists. They examine each other. Their eyes lock. Blue energy forms around Kuro, Red around Krow. They dash toward each other and their swords clash, forming a small crater around the two Shinigami. They jump back and Krow lunges one of his gunswords at Kuro. He dodges, the chain stops the sword. He looks down the chain and sees that it goes into Krow's wrist. Krow throws his arm back, making the weapon come back to him.

"I have other things to attend to so I'll end this now." Krow sighs.

Kuro jumps at him and Krow points the nozzle at him and shoots. A red liquid-like bullet comes out and goes into Kuro's side, making him fall. He gets up and both gunswords simultaneously stab him and forces him up into the air. The swords are spinning around him, slashing him. They move away from him and start to spiral around him, forming a ball with the seemingly infinite chains.


An excited voice shouts from a distance, distracting Krow.His swords fall and retracts. Kuro lands on his feet and looks pass Krow. A girl with dark purple hair is standing there smiling.

"Raven, It's about time you show up."

"Sorry I had stuff to do first. Who is this guy?"

"A new Shinigami, they call him Kuro."

The End

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