True PainMature

                        Chapter 4:

"Who are you?" Kuro asks the man standing next to Fujiwara.

"The name's Akitora." The man retorts.

Kuro's eyes locked on Fujiwara. Suddenly, Kuro's broken board sword regenerates and he dashes at him. He goes for a slash, but Fujiwara forms his Masamune and blocks it. Kuro goes for a fury of slashes but Fujiwara blocks all of them. He pushes him back and then Kuro jumps at him. Fujiwara turns his sword sideways and lunges it forward. The blade pierces Kuro and suspends him in midair.

"This blade is somewhat dull. So under normal circumstances, it can't cut through bone." Fujiwara explains,

" Now, I'll show you the true meaning of pain. I'll engrave it into your mind so you'll never forget."

Fujiwara throws Kuro high into the sky and jumps after him. He slashes Kuro's side. Then slashes him from all sides at an extreme speed. A mirage of Fujiwara appears in front of Kuro, causing him to move his hand to defend himself. Fujiwara's sword becomes covered in darkness and stabs through Kuro's foot and hand. He rips it out and the darkness dissipates. Then Fujiwara slashes Kuro across his face and his left eye. He stabs Kuro through his stomach and sends him flying into the ground. Kuro gets on his knees, using his sword to help him up. He gets on his feet and looks up at Fujiwara. He yells and jumps up towards him. He does a series of slashes. Fujiwara blocks them; his sword gets covered in darkness and he attacks Kuro. Kuro's sword gets covered in a purple energy and theirs swords collide. Kuro's sword breaks Fujiwara's, cutting off Fujiwara's right arm in the process. Kuro then repeatedly slashes him. Right before he could land the finishing blow, Fujiwara shoves his left hand through Kuro's chest and out his back. Kuro drops his sword and falls. Fujiwara floats down, removes his shirt, and walks into The Lake of Healing. Akitora throws Kuro in.

The End

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