Sparring with the supernatural being.Mature

                         Chapter 3:

"When you woke up, you reach for your chest, why?" Fujiwara asks.

"I remember being cut in half by that guy." Kuro responds.

Fujiwara raises his eyebrows.

"That's odd, Shinigami never remember their past life."


"You were killed by the Shinigami Eli, and because you were killed by a Shinigami, you have become one."

Kuro stands there confused. Fujiwara quickly glances at a nearby lake. Kuro runs over there and looks at his reflection. His once jet black hair was now a pure white, his hazel eyes are now a blood red, and his once peachy skin was now pale.

"So I've become a Shinigami?" Kuro questions, sounding unsure of himself.

"Yes." Fujiwara answers,

walking toward him with a great sword.

"Take this."

He says, tossing the sword to Kuro. He catches it and stands up. Fujiwara forms a Masamune in his right hand.

"Lets go." He demands, getting into a stance.

"I've never used this type of sword."

"Just trust your gut."

Fujiwara lunges at Kuro. He does a vertical slash. Kuro blocks it. Fujiwara teleports behind him and goes for a horizontal slash. Kuro turns and blocks it. Then he lunges Fujiwara into the air. Fujiwara sends a fury of slash waves downward. Kuro dodges them and jumps into the air. Their swords collide. Kuro does a barrage of slashes. Fujiwara intercepts them. He kicks Kuro to the ground. He lands on his feet and intercepts Fujiwara's slash, forming a small crater around them. Kuro falls his knees. Fujiwara's masamune becomes covered in darkness, then easily slices through the great sword and Kuro's shoulder. Fujiwara rips the sword out, causing blood to splatter everywhere. Kuro falls. The Masamune disappears and Fujiwara stares at the defeated teen. He picks up Kuro and tosses him into the lake. Kuro's sliced shoulder completely heals, not leaving so much as a scratch. He gets out of the water and looks up. Someone walks up beside Fujiwara.

"Who the fuck is this?" He asks.

"My name is Kuro." The teen answers. 

The End

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