Those Who Pull The WorldMature

A nameless teenager's life gets turned upside down when he meets a mysterious man named Krow.

                       Chapter 1:

"That looks like a reasonably sized village." Someone says, as he moves his unkempt black hair out of his face. He runs down the hill and starts killing people. Everyone starts running. Suddenly, he is stopped by a tall, pale, individual. "What are you doing?" The pale man asks, sounding as if he really didn't care. "Killing, the fuck does it look like?" The teenager snaps, "Who the hell are you?" "Krow." He responds, then jumps backward. "Humans are always trying to kill each other." "You talk as if you're not human." "I never said I was." Suddenly, the teen lunges toward Krow with a fury of sword slashes. Krow effortlessly dodges every slash, intercepts the final slash with his bare hand and then punches him in the stomach. The teen spits up blood and falls to the ground holding his stomach. He wants to get up, but is in too much pain to do so. Krow turns away and shoves his hand to the right, opening a portal. The teen manages to get up and is about to run toward, but is paralyzed by Krow's cold, dead eyes. Krow walks through the portal and it closes. The teen's vision starts to blur, and then he falls unconscious. He awoke several hours later, his hands were chained together. "You've got no where to run No Name!" Someone shouted from a distance. No Name is what everyone calls him since he doesn't have one. He looked around but didn't see anyone. "Show yourselves you bastards!" He shouts. A whip slashes his side. "Fuck!" No Name yells in agony. Suddenly, whips strike the teen all over. It stopped, only to continue seconds later. He falls to the ground, covered in blood. "Get the whips with the hooks attached!" Someone yells. The teen struggles to get up, and then gets hit with one of the new whips. The hook pierces his skin, and then is ripped out. A barrage of these whips strike him and he screams in agony as its happening. No Name loses consciousness due to blood loss. 

The End

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