It is a story about assassin on his first mission in a world where chaos, violence and magic mix while devouring people, nations and gods.

          Isin run through the forest of Casa. It was the same forest where during last stages of Skaenga wars Vespo Menjar hid and planned his famous hundred man siege. With no more than a mere hundred loyal soldiers infamous Eyeless Tower who held sieges of thousands was conquered over one night. For a very long time Isin adored military genius of Vespo Menjar. So being in such a historical place made him feel even more exited about his first mission. He, just like Vespo Menjar will start his preparations here and just like him he will succeed flawlessly. It wasn't arrogance that made him feel this way, he just knew it for a fact. Normal people would never be able to see it but signs that showed his good fortune where everywhere. Even sky was clear tonight and Isin was given a privilege to witness a full beauty of both night sisters. They are not part of the night but you could only see them than a day is not present. Because of that he always felt a profound familiarity with them. After all Amabhadi also belong only to the night. When Jua rules the sky it is not a time for their art to be shown or them to be seen for what they are. 

        But Isin did not worry about that. He still had almost a full night till daybreak. Jua is still sleeping  and have no power over him now. It is the time of Night Sisters and they are not jealous like Jua. They will silently watch over everyone and everything without judgement or desire to intervene. However, there were other things to be cautious about. Not everything always goes according to plan even if a plan is made with utmost care.There was xefi report to consider as well. According to their findings a sleepers clan was nesting here five hundred years ago. There report also came with quite a big list of dangerous local animals and Waalli beasts that are active during the nights.

The End

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