Those that are Left Behind

When 16-year-old Penny James is in a terrible "accident", she doesn't want to let go life without a fight. She visits all the people who had a part in her death, even the ones she doesn't know. Each chapter should be a different visit to a different person- PLEASE ADD TO IT!!!

First I suppose I should recall how I came to be here. Or, more importantly, why.

6 days ago, I died. In a tragic "accident" caused by me- although no-one has the heart to blame me considering where I am now. No-one really knew why I did it, but I decided to go out after school one day with my best friend Lil. Instead of going into to town, like we always do, we decided to go down to the bridge just on the outskirts. We were balancing on the side eating chips, but before we knew it, a strange shadow came over us from behind.

It chuckled a little, and Lil turned around, but I was listening to an MP3 player, and didn't know anything. I suppose you're wondering how I now know this, but believe me, it's been played over and over again from where I am now, from all angles. Anyway, Lil had already turned around and was screaming now. But it was too late for me.

Ripping the headphones from my ears, I made to turn around, but was knocked out by a huge blow to the side of my head with a raised plank of wood. Falling towards the fast-flowing stream in slow motion, the last thing I heard was Lil screaming and the last thing I saw was the look on the mans face I turned, mid-fall, to face him.

It was definately one of guilt and shock. He had just murdered the wrong girl.

Lil was left unharmed, as the man ran into the woods when he saw my face, and she called the police and the ambulance. Too late. I was already floating downstream, unconsious and face-down.

So now I'm here. Seemingly still in the stream. Floating, but fine with it. And now, I'm staring up into the sky- where I can see worried faces looking down at me. I know that all I have to do is get up and walk towards those faces, and I can visit them- that's what the girl tied up and blood soaked said. She was also floating in the stream. Murdered and dumped into the water, she explained.

So as I float down the stream, I can see some familiar faces, some not. I can visit whoever I want to, but they won't see me. I can talk to them- drive them mad- but they won't see or hear me, just feel my prescence, and get the message I want to tell them.

So. Who can I visit first?

The End

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