Alice"s friends are over and Max gets into all types of trouble.But its Ruby who starts the quarrel.whithout he friends Alice feels that she"ll never get along witth them again. Atlease she learned a new bird name though.

NO!NO! not again Alice Megan Ruby Tasmen and Gemma had gone to the school fair.The five friends had had a wonderful time if you didn"t count Max Megans little brother having a great time.Grabing trucks cars little trains lollies and sugar lumps without paying.Megans gruby little brother sand in his pockets it made the sugar lumps dirty. The lollies melted in his warm pockets.And the paint faded from the little trains trucks and cars.Now the girls arrived home and  the annoying birds had been in the broken window making their nests making a mess with all the muck straw dirt clay twigs grass moss and bark.Alice didn"t even now what type of bird it was.Whats up exclaimed Gemma.Before Alice could awser there came a cry and Megan screamed quick Max has got his finger stuck in the door. Ruby groaned why did Max always get into trouble.Just then a lightbulb lit Gemmas head.why don't we take Max to Ben's house they love to play together.NO said Megan firmly.He"s done enough mischief already.but the lightbulb that had lit Gemmas head went to Megans.Why don"t we take Max to Gramma Louis.Said Megan who was still trying to take Maxs finger out of the door.NO screamed a little angry face with a finger stuck in the door brother. As soon as Maxs finger was out of the door he jumped up and ran to the phone pointing Ben Ben Ben. Not now said Megan and turned away.Meanwhile the girls wee cleaning the mess the birds had made.THOSE BIRDS SAID DAD.Dad went red in the face but he puffed up his chest and got a broom.He put it up the chimney but it was no use, the birds had made their nest up there and made it cling there.Ruby got up Iv"e decided I"m going home Megan pushed me and now I"m covered in SOOT.Tasmen got up aswell.Your not going too are you? said Alice.It"s time said Tasmen more gently.If thats how they feel I"m going too said Megan angrily.Gemma got up and saw Alice was almost in tears.I have to take Max to Megan.Megan left him and I"ll take Megans pink jacket aswell.THOSE BIRDS said dad they  left their nest. So sniffed Alice well we"ll have to get a chimney pot fixer to get the neat outnso we an have fires.And the birds are picky and decided to go to the oat tree instead.HERE THEY COME FLYING THiS WAY THE BLACK DOVES.!          

The End

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