"Those Are My Chocolate Chips!" Chapter: 11-15

To begin, Miranda went to the middle school, rather than the high school. Then, she stole for the very first time. She claimed it was better than christmas. Shortly after, Miranda questions the reason for collecting so many canned goods, but barely eating them. She ends up finding her chocolate chips, and even though the knows if she was caught, she'd be scolded for her actions. Sure enough, her mom walks in on her eating them and shows a side Miranda had never seen before. Miranda then drops t

You never understand the many negative consequences in a disaster, until a tragedy actually happens to yourself.


Throughout the chapters, Miranda began to increase her stress level. At first, she didn't worry about food, shelter, school, and family. Now, they don't eat much, people she's close to are dying, her mother can't walk, due to a broken ankle, but on the bright side, her brother got a job.

Before the ankle incident, Miranda's mother collected many canned food and food that will last a while. Her goal was to make the food last for the upcoming months. Why save food and eat less when you're going to die anyways? This is the thought that crossed Miranda's head everyday. She used to eat at regular times and have regular portioned meals, but now, food is rare to find ever since the lack of cropping and she has to train herself to eat smaller portions and different times. In her situation, it is probably torture to see food stacked up high in a pantry, but banned from eating it. Also, her mom placed Miranda's chocolate chips in a shelf, because they are not healthy and since they don't eat much, filling your body with trash will shorten your lifespan.

Miranda obeyed her mother, most times, but at a time like this, she was dying to take her chocolate chips back and just eat a handful. So, in case you're curious, she disobeyed her mother. To spice up the boring context of someone eating chocolate, her mom comes in. Oh no! Miranda swallows the previous handful of chocolate chips. This cannot be a good mood in this sort of situation.

Miranda's mom has officially turned into a monster. A side of her, never seen before had been shown to her own daughter. Her actions frighten Miranda and she then drops her bag of chocolate chips. Miranda's mom currently despised her own child and forced her to eat them off the floor. Gross.

Most days, eating a bag of chocolate chips wouldn't matter. But this is not "most days", this is "end of the world days". Having a family and trying to support them with little needed items becomes very stressful and can soon create anger.

Most people don't realize how difficult a type of condition will be until it really happens. Miranda was just expecting everything to be a little more run down, no electricity, most of the things shown on television. Now that it is actually happened, she is starting to see the small details in which create huge situations. Broken ankle? Go to the doctor. Oh wait, we can't, the world is ending. Well in that case, grab some medical stuff from the store. Oh wow, can't do that either? Yeah, the stores have already been completely raided from citizens for personal use.

Conflicts such as ash covering the sun, natural disaster, a closer moon, etc., will cause your body to physically and mentally adapt. Eating lesser than you usually do, will make your body uncomfortably adapt, and somewhat confused.

Miranda’s community isn’t caring for their schools currently, due to all of the terrible things happening around them. She decides to steal books for the very first time in her life. She has never done such an action before, as today was the first stealing crime she’d ever committed. She got a diverse collection of books for her and her brother. Never in her life would she have stole if she didn’t have to worry. She also claimed that it was “better than christmas”.

Also, she made the decision to cut her hair off, because it would never stay clean and was always dirty. The air was polluted with ash and caused her hair to have a nasty feeling, so what’s the point of keeping it?


The End

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