Thoroughly Modern VampireMature

Lets get a few things straight. Yes my name is Ariel,yes I have red hair, no I am not a mermaid. I do however know vampires exsit.Even in this superpaced,superfast,superhighway of modern life,the ancient beings that are vampires have a place.

Let me give you some truths about said vampires: They are real. They are exremely beautiful, even the men.They are charming. They are clever.They do drink blood.They can go out in sunlight.Garlic and religious symbols do not kill them. A wooden steak through the heart does kill as does decapitation and half a lemon in their mouth (for some reason).

Most people go through their life without even the merest hint of them yet they hold many powerful positions make far reaching decisions that affect everyday life.I too was unaware of this until I made the huge decision to move from my small northern town to a job I was offered in London. My first day didn`t get off to the best start. I got on the wrong tube and ended at the opposite side of the city that I needed to be in.Arriving fourty five minutes late, red faced and sweaty certainly got me off on the wrong foot with the Pippa woman in HR.

I could hear her internal sigh before I had navigated my way around the very shiny  lobby and hastily shaken hands with her, my breathles appology tumbing out of my mouth,

"I`msorryimsolateigotlost!" I was very concious of my northern accent and my dishvelled appearence. I always hate looking at my self in a mirror,you see I`m more Cuddly than chisled and also quite short at only 5`3". Everyone else seems better looking,better dressed and more confident than me.

Skittering across the polished marble floor I practicaly fell into the lift spent the few minutes it took to get to the top floor trying to make myself taller, thinner and less red. I knew it was a lost cause.



The End

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