Thorny paths

A view on the world

The blackness that envelops the world and everyone in it seems like a frightening thing, but as well as making us blind to the real events, views and structure that happens the world over, it also binds us all together with one inevitable fate this being said we all control the self and not the majority, we can only really be comfortable in our own worlds. Our world, our own world it is our very being and how people see it, like a house it can be decorated, and like a garden it can be kept clean and healthy, there is also the opposite you can destroy your own world with neglect and abuse. it is only in darkness that you find yourself and only in darkness are we born and bred. The things that you can see in the darkness of the world are small but significant, the paths of life which we all choose can take us further from each other or closer together, the small rays of light to be seen are an escape from the madness that we all feel, the rays of light being our loved ones and those closest to us, the light gives us guidance and a sense of direction, but the closer you get to the light you may find that you loose a part of yourself, the closer you get to the light the greater your shadow becomes. The shadow is the evil that resides in every living being, it can envelop you and consume you with emotions like hatred or jealousy. Everyone should find their own path, but shouldn't loose the light, as much as it appears to be a tricky concept it only means that the ones you love can hurt you if you let them or if you hurt them first. Life being a delicate path of thorns, you should tread carefully but fearlessly. embrace the light and dark and find the balance that life requires it can be easy to maintain but hard to aquire or exactly the opposite, remember it isnt the destination that matters, its the journey, so journey on into life and live how you want to, not how you're told to.

The End

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