Chapter 2: Build upMature

Mathew's my best friend and is the only friend that ever really stood by my side. Since our nappy days to the present grade ten; he's such a good friend. Of course there's Lucy and Yuie-San but they don't understand me like he does. Nobody could ever take his place. 

The jet black curls hung down to his shoulders and his honey brown eyes were like a torch lighting the way in the dark alley where we stood. The reason why we're here I still don't understand but I guess I never really will. All I can say is that- "hey Candii. You ok?"

"Oh, sorry Mathew. Day-dreaming..." The question was coming, I knew it. Those pursed lips of his indicated it. Need to get my answer ready.

"C-Candii...Shall - we go to Liv's?"

"Mathew I really need to tell you something...About Livvy." Pause.

"Ok, well, spill." A smile lit accross his face, does he know? No, he can't do. That's inpossible, isn't it? "C'mon Candii."

"Well Livvy. Urgh, there's really no unawkward way to say this but I think Livvy likes you." Those big honey brown eyes of his grew larger, as that was obviously the answer that he was hoping for.

Mathew's liked Livvy for years - not that I have anything against it. After all Mathew is my best friend; it's just there's always been this huge, unanswered question in my life...And I'm kinda hoping that he could be it. But then again...What am I saying?!

The End

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