Thorns +RosesMature

All roses have thorns .. even if they take a while to pierce through your skin ..

His face is all I remember; the way he looked at me with those deep, dark, honey brown eyes which pierced right through me. He could see everything...From head to toe and his eyes weren't exactly moving. I didn't want it to be like this. Not when everything was going so well, so far. Is this my fault? Are we both standing here because of what I did?


"Well...We're both standing here, so it's obvious that we want the same thing. Don't  bother denying it! Why would we be here other-wise?" He's waiting for the answer...I don't know how to respond to that! What am I supposed to say?!

"Mathew...You don't understand, p-please listen to what I'm saying!"

"Ohh, I know what you're trying to say Candii." He started walking closer; pacing faster every step he took. I wish I could tell him but he won't let me speak! I need to tell him...Other-wise, what has been the point in all these years?! "Ohh please stop going quiet on me and standing in that innocent position, like you've not done nothing wrong. It's making me want you even more and through no fault of my own. The way you're standing there radiates pleasures to me that I can't even explain." Mathew was right. I wasn't exactly trying to cover up my exposed self was I. No it's not your fault Mathew, you're right. It's all mine! Why do I have to be like this! This is just going way to far! "Haha, so I'm guessing you're doing that on purpo-"

"Mathew, please, you don't understand. Let me explain."

"Let me explain this-" His walking turned into sprinting. That shiny bare chest thrusted at my body like a outraged current in the sea. His luscious body hit mine and the sesation began to start. I admit, it is good but it can't happen! I need to stop this! But I can't. The pleasure I get from him...

"See, I can feel you underneath me and you're loving every minute. Face it Candii." He thrushed his bare chest onto my exposed body once more: sensation two begins.

The End

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