Thornfield Burns

"Now now woman, don't be


All will be forgiven,

In God's name, please,

Come away,

From the ledge,

Take my hand now, here, closer, thats it.

No! Don't pull away! It's crumbling

And cracking, like my heart,

Because of you! Moorish

Witch! I didn't mean it,

Please, softly, come come,

Careful now, towards me.

Quick, for shame! We shall all be

Burnt alive in this grey prison!

Dearest please, remember me?

Your husband, your master? Is there a

Trace of your loyalty to me

In the tangles of your mind?

Me, me, you remember you're Edward?

Don't you throw your shoe at me girl,

Give me your hand!

Please, dress yourself, your skin is roasting,

The fire spreads! It will be unpassable,

Come now siren, softly, softly.

Damn you!

Your viral blood will be the death of us both!

You, the blaze of my soul

You, chased the only pure happiness from my bosom,

My elfin love fled, and I remain

To lick the wounds YOU have inflicted!

Be done with you! Go Go, burn in

Hellish madness, wind tost and

Beaten in the swells of the ninth gate.

Bertha, no, come no don't-!"

The End

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