Surprise, Surprise: Part 2Mature

Stepping off the bus to be greeted by the sight of her apartment complex; Adele annoyed by the whistled-welcomes from the boys who hanged around the play ground, she quickly walked toward the entrance ignoring an ‘welcomes' from her neighbors. As she approached the door to her apartment, a man had opened the door with disgusted look as he saw Dell. "Oh it's you. School out already?" His breath smelled of a familiar scent, mint. It was obvious to say that her mother was home and decided to bring her new boyfriend with her. Something Adele didn't like one bit.

Pushing past the boyfriend to enter her apartment, her mother was standing in front of the oven, in her silk robe (a common site in the Rose household) Adele frowned at the site of her mother and her bed hair. The fact that she had bed hair at this time of day meant a number of things, even though her daughter already knew the answer. "Why are you home so early?" Adele asked, but not knowing why she asked in the first place.

Her mother looked at her bemused at the sight of her daughter standing before her, "Oh you're home," Dell held back a frown but mentally cursed herself for speaking to her mother, "I thought you would miss the bus. But you came anyway. Want some chili?" And that was it. No greeting or cheery smile from her mother, though Adele wasn't expecting much from Melissa. "You didn't answer my question." Another bemused look from her mother and she was quickly shrugged off by Melissa as she went back to cooking.

Having the urge to scream was common feeling for the dark haired girl, but actually screaming was a bit crazy, though that doesn't mean Adele didn't want to do it. Glancing over to the boyfriend, who had decided to watch TV, the reason why her mother was home so early was quite clear. ‘Why does she always need to bring home a new man,' she thought while entering her messy room, ‘Why even ask that question? Whatever, I've got an article write.'  And the Thorn grin appeared, quickly forgetting about her mother.


Finally arriving home, Christian was ‘attacked' by his sister, "Chris you-," And slammed the door in her face, not caring that she cried out in pain from the door slamming against her nose (he even slightly enjoyed her pain). Moving slowly as the thoughts of the mystery girl flooded his mind, only to be interrupted by his cell ringing.

"Hello?" Chris lazily asked, not really wanting to talk to whoever was calling.

"What's up, Chris? It's me J." The sound of his childhood friend was a bit unexpected ever since they melded into the cliques in high school and grew apart. The two went back since they were in diapers (Christian's mom even has baby pictures of them, much his dismay), but hearing from J now was a bit surprising.

"J! Long time, no see! How're you doing?"

"Better than ever, been rather happy lately; but you don't sound so happy yourself," Christian instantly knew that J was going to throw the ‘Dr. J' card again, "Tell Dr. J what's wrong?"

‘Bingo.' He thought with a small smile at his friend's humor, "Just something on my mind." But he was a little shocked about how serious J's voice suddenly became. "Then tell me. It'll be a good way to become friends again."

Christian thought about it for a second, before sighing and ruffling his silky dark brown hair, he gave in. "Well you see..." And Chris's story about the mystery girl began...


Lying down on his bed he told his friend the final words about the girl, "...And I totally lost my chance to talk to her," Chris heard snoring from his friend and thought up a nasty plan, "Then I walked up to her grabbed her ass!" J quickly ‘woke up', "You what?!" But J's loud reply was answered by his friend's snickering; obviously meaning he didn't actually do something like that.

The snickering soon came to an end when J decided to offer some ‘advice', "Chris, you like her." Now he was just stating the obvious, but surprisingly this time, Chris oblivious to the obvious. Heart tightening thoughts filled his head, as the room began to spin; it wasn't that he was dizzy... he was actually felt like something struck his heart with a soft needle, but it felt so much more... And that was it, he couldn't describe it, he did like her but he was sure it was nothing more than that, Chris just wasn't the type of guy that spent his time chasing girl and more of his time trying to live up to his parent's expectations. Over sometime, he has - "Hey, lover boy!"

"What!" The words came out sounding of hate and annoyance, when Chris was just hated being interrupted when his thoughts wondered to her...There was a silence from the other line, much like the silence that comes when someone says something awkward, just with more tension (well, at least for Christian) and it was choking him. "J? I'm sorry, that-Why are you laughing?" J was laughing, and Chris was really hoping it wasn't at him.

His laughing became louder and louder, and it actually sounded more like snickering then simple laughing. J's laugh/snickering was deep, though in truth J wasn't laughing at him, but something equally humorous - not that Chris's position was humorous or anything...

J finally realized that his friend was getting closer and closer to finishing the phone call and quickly thought of a response. "Christian? You want to see something?" And he took the bait. "Here get a pen and write this website's address down..."


It was...the word ‘scandalous' would be the best word to describe it, and what made it worse is that J was reading this garbage and just had to share it with him. ‘Thorn? Who the hell does this girl think she is?' Yup, Christian was disgusted with the Thorn; the thought of someone prying into your private life then blurting it out on a blog made his stomach churn. But what was he going to do? There that little blinking link that said, "Send Thorn an email now!" and that little light bulb in his head turned on.


Typing away her new article/blog entry, she couldn't help but get annoyed by the numerous emails from her readers clogging up her inbox, so it was best to look through them and delete them. Most of them were praising or such things like that; others were rather annoying and commenting about her ‘stupidity', without even spelling one word right. But there was one that caught her attention. There was no subject, but somehow Adele clicked it. As she read, a new founded emotion sprouted:


It's easy to say, when I read your blog entries or ‘articles' as you would like to call them, left me, well, disgusted. I'm not sending you this email to judge, but to tell you something. Are you okay? The question may sound strange, but if any of your readers had any common sense (which I doubt), would notice you have some serious issues. It's not that you're a stalker or anything, but you're trying to destroy people's reputation or even exploit them because you have issues. You have to show that no one is perfect because you tried to be perfect yourself and failed. You have issues, and you need to stop destroying people's lives.



Eyebrows arched up and heart pounding; Adele read the email again and again. The words ‘you have issues' and ‘perfect', were more the most confusing part to it; though it seems the answers would have to - her mother walked into the room, most likely looking for something of hers.

"Mom, can I ask you a question?" But she continued to ignore her daughter, as she dug into her drawer. "About dad," And her mother's hands came to a stop, her face went pale, and her eyes became emotionless...   




The End

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