Surprise, Surprise: Part 1Mature

She had the urge to scream but instead she bit on her bottom lip in frustration and anger. Martha was currently waiting for the principal to finish his meeting with the other teachers, which was hard to do since this is Martha Spencer. But there wasn't a point in waiting for someone she could easily destroy just by asking her father, and yet she did so to try and be ‘nice'; which was rather hard for someone like herself...

The blonde sighed in annoyance of her ‘politeness', and yet she still sat there in his office. And finally the principal came walking into his office to find Martha waiting for him; with a shocked expression he asked, "Ms. Spencer! What are you doing here?"

Martha stood with a somewhat annoyed face, "It's rather simple. I came here for a...favour," the blonde continued to try and seem polite, but quickly was losing patience, "I need your help with Thorn."

The principal took a moment for his mind to register what she asked him, still shocked he spoke, "What Thorn? I-We-We don't even know who she is or if she is a she! Or even-," He was cut off by Martha's palm slamming hard against the surface of his desk, her teeth were grinding against each other, and her eyes had a dangerous glint in them. "Listen here you old man, if you don't find out who the hell Thorn is by prom, I swear I'll make your life a living hell!"

Before he could reply his voice became stuck in his throat as he noticed that this time, Martha Spencer was serious, despite the numerous times she had threatened him to get what she wanted in the past, this time seem she wanted-no needed him to do this or else. And it was the ‘or else' that scared him, even the principal knew what her father did for a living (or rumoured to do); and he wasn't going to put his job, let alone his life, on the line!

"I'll do it, but it won't be easy." And Martha smiled, happy at the fact she was getting closer to destroying Thorn and repairing her reputation.


The duo was busy studying in the library, when they were interrupted by the voice from the speakers, "Attention students. Attention students. Please proceed to the assembly room. Please proceed to the assembly room."

Adele became rather eager to go to the assembly room while Macy seemed to care very little; her thoughts were keeping rather occupied since two days ago. "Coming, Mace? Or do you need some ‘alone' time with your thoughts of Jason?" Asked Dell with words coated with mischievous assumptions. The blonde's face quickly turn from blank to embarrassment as someone could easily tell from her reply, "W-what! I wasn't-You thought-Let's just get to the bloody assembly room, before I -," "Become as red as a tomato?"

Her best friend looked at her with annoyance and embarrassment, and quickly fled the library with a snickering Adele following.


As soon as they arrived they were greeted with a room full of students, teachers, and other people who worked at the school. On the stage was the principal standing on the stage, looking rather nervous from his nonstop sweating, which was making Adele even more anxious.

"I wonder what's up with Mr. Baldly," the best friend spoke, clearly mocking his lack of hair on his (now) shinning head, "Must be something really important if he's-," The principal began to speak. "I have called you all hear to discuss, well, announce something of great importance which deals with a certain student," Now the Thorn was starting to emerge out of Adele, as she smelt a story in the man's struggled words, "The recent blog entries of the ‘Thorn', has caused many of the students and teacher to feel...uncomfortable and vulnerable."  Her eyes widened and her thoughts began to scream, ‘Crap! Crap! Crap! Mother of crap! This is really, really bad.'

Mr. Baldly glanced to down to look at Martha, who seemed to gloating mentally with her smirk pasted on her porcelain face; and went on with his speech, "She, or he, has invaded the private lives of a number of students and teachers, which has been brought to my attention to launch an investigation on all students in their senior year here," She couldn't believe what she was hearing, but she couldn't say this was a surprising to her, "Unless, Thorn would like to reveal himself or herself right now! Save m-us trouble and Thorn humiliation." Silence quickly over came the room, it was obvious no one was going to reveal themselves, not they were the Thorn in any possible way.

Her heart pounded loudly, as the butterfly's in her stomach felt like they were nibbling on her insides, just waiting for her to scream, "I'm Thorn!" but truly it wasn't the possibility of having her cover blown. It was the thrills of having someone try to figure out who Thorn really is, not that they weren't other people who already tried (and failed, obviously), but having a full scale investigation! Really, were they trying to make her feel ‘nervous' or ‘guiltily'?  Well, Thorn or even Adele didn't know anything about of being nervous or guiltily; they-she were just full of pride and above all, confidence; a lot of confidence.

The old looking man was growing tired of the silence, since it was clear from the beginning that Thorn wasn't going to come forward, it was actually rather obvious before he even planned the speech, but having a Spencer breathing down your neck didn't make anything easy. Before he allowed himself to be self-pitied, he spoke the obvious, "Seems Thorn will not come through. Then, starting tomorrow morning every senior will be questioned by their teachers or me, and hopefully this will be put to an end to this problem."

And the students and teachers took that as their time to leave, with whispers and shocked expressions; everyone was talking about what was just said.

"Holy crap, I don't even want to think about what the teachers are going to ask us! Do you think they're going to search our bags and lockers?!"

"I hope not! But I wonder what they're going to do if they actually found out who Thorn is?"

"Well, I hope they get rid of that student! Thorn is kind of like a stalker," Dell frowned angrily at the comment, but held back a sarcastic reply, "It seems Thorn is the desperate one for attention!"

The blonde's eyebrows arched up with interest, she would of thought Adele would have at least chuckled at the comment or even smirked, but her usually bored face seemed almost...serious? ‘What was going on in her head?' then she reminded herself, it's best not to know or even ask when it comes to Adele and her thoughts. But the curiosity was getting to her, so Macy went for it, "Dell, what are you thinking?" And Adele's usual easy going posture quickly turned to Thorn's prideful grace. ‘Oh dear, this is not good.' Macy's inner voice warned as she watched her friend simply walk away, with a confident aura surrounding her.

She sighed, annoyed and tired of her ‘Thornness'. Her eyes couldn't help but notice Adele seemed to become more and more prideful as the years go by, ever since she took up her Thorn status. But those were her deepest thoughts, and Macy knew never to act on them. Even though in the corner of the blonde's mind, the little voice was telling what Dell was doing wrong; and each passing day, Macy began to listen to that voice more and more.


There was a musty smell in air; there was always a musty smell at the bus stop. But that didn't seem to put the teen off, as he watched more and more come, waiting for the bus. He couldn't help but notice how different each person was. One man who just left work, tired; a mother of two, looking older than she really was, struggling with her sons; a punk rocker, smoking a handmade cigarette; ‘So many people, and all so boring. Plain and simple, really,' And the one that seemed very unimpressed by everything, was the girl that he always watched, ‘Yet, she's always able to catch my attention'.

But today, the unnamed girl was glowing with confidence. Not, that he hadn't seen her like that before; it was just that she never ‘smiled' brightly, not even on the sunny days. He couldn't help it when his eyes drifted away from her face and downward; her clothes always clung to her pear-like frame, eyes seeming to be bored constantly, and her lips...Her lips were plump and he could almost imagine k-he stopped himself before his thoughts wandered that far.

It was funny, that he knew almost everything about; her favourite type of music, if she likes vanilla ice cream or not, and she loves the smell of roses in the morning; and all by watching her closely. But he didn't know her name; he never got the chance to ask her...

The bus finally arrived before Christian could observe unknown girl even more. As she stepped onto the bus, he silently said good-bye; regretting not finally being able to talk to her.  


The End

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