Getting Hotter and HotterMature

Finally...the moment of truth has come. The spicy gossip I had given you last week was not enough to prove to you that it was true; though all of my readers had seen Brick and Spencer together with their very own eyes.

I've got some live pictures of the Tempter and the Innocent One making out in our very own school hallways! Now we know what all those jocks and cheerleaders do during their times of leisure. In specific, we know what Ethan Brick and Martha Spencer do in their times of leisure.

 Not only that but I got a picture of the school's man whore screwing the purest of the purest up too! You can see Mr. Brick's clothes down on the floor and the bodies of two people on the bed.

Congratulations Mr. Brick! Seems like you've had a hell of a night at Spencer's party. At least you have your own sources of ‘entertainment'. Now that we've got the proof, the question is when will our school's man whore ditch the infamous Martha Spencer and go for his next victim?

Don't can't hide from Thorn...she's always watching.'


"Seriously Dell, don't you think this is a little too much?" Macy said, irritated.

"What's a little too much?" Adele asked, innocently.

"This!" Macy waved the paper around in front of Adele's face then shoved into her hands.

"There's a limit to gossip you know, and you're going past the limit. I mean, seriously Adele. I thought you'd know better. If anyone should have some sense in their head, it should be you."

"Macy, tell me. What's wrong with telling people the truth? I'm just showing them what they should know about and be aware of."

"Yeah but you don't have to supply pictures of it! I mean, I wouldn't like it if someone was telling everyone in the whole school about my feelings toward Jason. That's just...humiliating. Not to mention, invasion of personal information and privacy. It's just not right to go around telling the whole world who's pure and who's not. That's just wrong,"

"If you're saying gossiping is wrong then guess what? There would be no such thing as Seventeen and Peoples magazine. All magazines gossip on something. There's nothing wrong with getting more information on some issue."

"Shouldn't you think about how it might feel for the people who you're talking about?" Macy argued back fiercely.


"Well it's their fault for being careless and letting people know about their life. They knew they were doing something wrong and additionally, they spilled the beans in an "accidental" way. Their loss, my gain."

Macy heaved a huge sigh. Crossing her hands in front of her chest, she glared at Adele.

"Fine. Don't listen to me. But if you get yourself into some crap, don't tell me I didn't warn you."

Adele ignored Macy then repeated evilly, "Their loss, my gain."


The End

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