Digging Hard For The TreasureMature


She mentally cursed herself, how could she lose them? They were like a shinning beacon of attention, just asking for people to look at them! Adele was frustrated with herself, but that didn't stop her heated pursuit for the new couple, not that they really were a couple. Suddenly, an ear bleeding scream came from the hallway. Dell rushed to investigate the noise, only to find the Martha, Ethan, and bunch of cheerleaders in the hallway. ‘Bingo,' Dell thought to herself, hiding behind a locker, ‘Seems they found out about my blog.'

Martha was in shock and despair, she was likely the one who screamed. "How did she find out about that?!" She screamed at the other cheerleaders who told her the news, "How could she have known?!" The cheerleaders were frightened by their leader's behaviour. She may seem sweet and innocent, with long flowing blond hair and light green eyes, but only someone who didn't know (or was an idiot) would think that.

"Don't worry. Everyone now knows we are an official couple since we did the ‘deed'." Ethan, the Tempter, said casually while leaning against his locker. And the way he said it made Adele grin with amusement, he really seems to be tired of her already. Such a virgin killer...well with his dark red hair (which forced Dell to try hard not make pun about how he was hot as his hair), dark blue eyes, and muscular build it does make sense why almost every girl would want him.

Martha was stunned with what he said; didn't he care about her reputation?  "But-," she was cut of by her boyfriend's lips on top of hers. Adele grinned wider, as she reached into her pocket to take out a small camera. Snap! Snap! ‘Oh, this is just great!' She thought evilly, 'Keeping a camera with me always comes in handy!'

After a minute or so, the other cheerleaders left the couple to make out, which was starting to make Adele have the urge to throw up. So she left them to do their ‘business', but while walking down the hallway to her next class, she felt shivers go down her spine as if someone was watching her. But when she looked back no one was there. "Weird," she stated while shrugging. And suddenly, the light bulb in her head, went on...


Its official, Adele had sunken to a new low. Unlocking someone locker by simply hitting it in the right places, is useful sometimes, but going through Martha's makeup bag was just wrong. ‘Why the hell does this woman have so much makeup in one small bag; I swear-,' her fingers found something that felt like paper, which turned out to be a picture. Of Ethan and Martha, at the party, doing something that doesn't need to be explained..."This is going to be interesting..." she whispered before finally closing the locker and walking to chemistry class.


Macy was smiling happily, like no tomorrow. She flirted with Jason. Flirted! Macy didn't know how to flirt to save her life, but somehow it happened, and now he asked her to the party. She squealed without thinking about it only to get a look from her best friend, who had just arrived to class. "He wants me to watch at the game and then he invited to me to the party after the game!" Macy cheerily said, as Adele shook her head in annoyance.

"Congratulation; get married, have some kids; was there anything else you wanted to say?" She asked with fake cheeriness.

"What's with you?"

"Just got some got juicy gossip," Adele muttered while trying to hide her smirk while Macy gave her a curious look.

"I take it you dug hard to find the treasure?" asked the blond, already knowing the answer.

Adele let her smirk show and replied saying, "Would I do it any other way?" No, she wouldn't.

The End

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