Giving and Taking ChancesMature

As Adele sat down next to Macy, she kept her eyes glued on the popular couple who seemed to be getting not only good attention, but also the bad.

‘Seems like my blog entries sure do have a good impact on the social community, well they always do’, she thought to herself, a faint smirk appearing on her face.

Taking a bite out of her cheese sandwich, she listened closely to the conversations going around her.

“Can you believe he actually hit on her?”

“Well it’s not unbelievable. She’s a cheerleader and he’s a jock with a perverted, malicious mind. It all fits!”

“The Tempter…he sucks you in, like a black hole, and then he screws you up. Good thing I’m still pure, hope I won’t be sucked into his abyss.”

“This Thorn girl really got some guts writing that entry. If Ethan finds out…boy is she going to be in some deep shit.”

Adele snorted to herself silently. ‘Like anybody knows who Thorn is.’

“Oh my god! He’s coming!” Macy squeaked.

Adele had nearly forgotten that Marcy was sitting next to her. Shooting her one of those looks, Adele muttered, “So? What do you want me to do about that?”

“Do something. I mean, you guys are good friends right?”

Groaning, Adele got up and waved over at Jason. Smiling, he approached her and said, “Hey! What’s up?”

“You know the usual. You?”

“Excited for the future; the homecoming game is coming up. I can’t wait!” He said enthusiastically.

“Football huh? Why don’t you talk to Macy here? She loves sports.”

“Yep I do!” Macy piped up.

“Besides, I gotta run. See you guys later.”

Adele walked past Jason, leaving Macy for her fate. Damn it, where are they? She had lost the “it” couple and she had to track them down…fast.


Meanwhile, Macy was in the cafeteria with Jason, and surprisingly, things were going well.

‘Gosh, he’s so cute. I wish I could just stroke my hands through his bright blonde hair and just fall deep into his bright blue eyes. And not to mention…kiss those lips…’ Macy thought to herself, while trying to fight back a dreamy sigh.

“So Macy, you will be watching the game, right?”

“If you want me to be,” Macy said, winking.

‘Whoa, where did that come from?’ She thought.

“Well…I do want you to come. And I’ll also invite you to the party after our big win.”

Batting her eyelashes, she said, “Sure. I’d looove to come.”

Jason seemed taken aback for a second before smiling.

“That’s good to know. Well, I have some work to do so see you around.”

Then, he got up and left as Macy watched him walk away. Sighing to herself, she smiled and thought, ‘I took my chances and guess what? BINGO!’

The End

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