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Follow Adele Rose (more commonly known as Dell) through her last year of high school, collage, and her life after school! Adele isn't the type to fall in love, get a good job, and have kids. Nope. She likes to watch everything and everyone. Oh yeah, she is the one and only, 'Thorn'. She knows everything and everyone's secret. Only thing is no one know's her secret, but everything suddenly changes when she writes her latested article about the school's bad boy and the innocent cheerleader. How's

Thorn a.k.a Adele Rose

‘It’s seems the last month of school has to go off with bang, doesn’t it? I’m warning you my dear readers, this article isn’t going to be another ‘which boy slept with which twin, she broke up with him, or he cheated on her’ article to waste your time...Or maybe not. Let’s face it, it’s always, I mean always, going to be gossip. Why else are you reading this? Seems I’m rambling again, but doesn’t just build up the suspense?

Last Friday’s party at Martha Spencer’s (a.k.a the innocent blonde) rocked! But enough with praising, you guys need the 411 on what happened behind the scenes. Or in this case behind the curtains, thanks to the loveable Lady M (my partner in crime); I’ve got some juicy news for you...

The innocent one, that we all know and love, doesn’t seem to be so innocent anymore. Oh yeah! The purist of the pure has been corrupted by temptation himself. Ethan Brick (or better known as ‘The Tempter’), has finally conquered another pure girl, but this time it’s the innocent one or should I say the deflowered one, instead? I must say Martha; you’re really living up to your big sister’s reputation.

I wonder how many of my readers are in shock...But really, if you had my eyes you would’ve seen how the Tempter was ‘looking’ at the blonde beauty.

Nice start off the month, I must say. Bravo, Mr. Brick! You are officially the school’s man whore. Or maybe I should call you the school’s heartthrob? Either way, the Tempter has screwed nearly every female student out at Winter’s High School expect for the geeks, loners, the girls who know better, and, well, me. Don’t worry Mr. Brick, I’ll keep my eyes away from you and on the girls you seem to ‘enjoy’.

I’m always watching,


The teenager’s eyes scanned the paper in her hand one more time before turning back to her friend, wide eyed and a little impressed. “You’re gloating,” She stated, almost casually, “Why do you always gloat? I mean it’s not like you won something, well, expect for hatred from Brick and Spencer. But, that was just waiting to happen.” The teenage girl muttered the last part to herself even though she knew ‘Thorn’ had ears like a cat and could hear her. Speaking of Thorn, the writer herself was currently trying to watch some of the teens who were gossiping about her latest blog entry/article on her website. And she too was rather impressed with what she wrote (then again, she’s always impressed by what she writes).

Thorn took a moment to observe her best friend, Macy Stone, before answering. Macy’s blond was unusually curled and pulled into a high pony tail showing her face, sparkly blue eyes, pale skin, and a pink tank top with black skinny jeans which made Thorn curious. Very, very curious; and it’s not the best thing to get Thorn curious unless you’re just begging for attention which was unlike Macy. But much to her dismay, Thorn dismissed her curiosity for later. “I always gloat. You know me, Macy; I just love rubbing stuff in people faces.” Thorn answered without a bit of hesitation or guilt in her voice, she simply (more like bluntly) stated what was true, even if it’s about herself.

The blond shook her head in disapproval of her best friend and the way she spoke. But that was the way Adele Rose spoke, not the way Thorn wrote. Thorn’s word were always filled with pride (or you could always call it ego), confidence, and amusement; but when Adele spoke, her words were dull and monotone as if she cared very little of what people thought of her. Though, if Adele was to keep her little alias as Thorn, lasting until the end of high school she would have to fool everyone, even if Macy knew that Adele acted the way she thought, Thorn was just the part she never was able to ‘express’.

“So what’s with the get up, Barbie?” Adele’s question caused Macy’s train of thought to come to an instance halt and she panicked. “W-W-What are you talking about? I’m not trying to impress anyone!” And that was her slip. Poor, Macy sometimes she was just so...Macy.

Adele chuckled at her friend, “I asked what’s with your outfit, not who you’re trying to impress,” she slowly leaned against the door of her locker as her eyes went back to the students who were still gossiping, “And I know you’re trying to impress Jason. It won’t work.”  Her words did crush Macy’s spirits, but she knew she couldn’t impress the boy in question, so she just stayed silent as the blond observed her best friend.

Dell’s hair was always seemed to be uncombed and unkempt; she even kept it in the same style. In truth, Macy did envy her friends hair, it was straight, tin, long (going up to her waist), always let loose, and black as a starless night; Adele’s eyes were steel blue and always had a bored, and still intimating, look in them; her tanned skin showed her Mexican heritage which seemed to be unbalanced by her black hair. Her outfit was rather causal and plain; a grey long sleeved t-shirt with matching skinny jeans. Adele’s posture was usually relaxed, but Macy couldn’t help notice that her eyes had a confident look in them (and her best friend was rather good at hiding her feelings, not that she had any to show), like she was expecting something, but what? Then the answer came right through the door. Martha Spencer and Ethan Brick, holding hands. This was a sure recipe for a dish of disaster. A dish that Adele was rather good at preparing...

Adele smirked and slowly walked away from her best friend and the new found ‘couple’, who seemed rather proud of themselves. Well, that’s not going to last ‘cause when Thorn became interested in something, all hell will break loose on her new found targets. ‘Ah, so this how they’re going to play? Oh, well it’s best to spend the final month of senior year with a little fun,’ The Thorn thought to herself, still grinning rather evilly, ‘Let the games begin.’

The End

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