Confession to Everyone

            So you’re sitting at your table in the cafeteria surrounded by your atheist friends with a healthy plate of delicious food setting before you. If you were at home, you would mumble a prayer to yourself before digging into your meal, but now you’re in front of a whole different crowd of people, and they can all see you. You feel obligated to pray in fear that lightning will come shattering through the ceiling if you don’t, but you really would love to just “forget” to today.

            Romans 10:10 says, “For it is within your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you are saved.” We are not physically persecuted for our faith in America. We’ve all heard the stories about torturing and murdering Christians overseas, and at some point or another we have probably prayed for them, but we have never actually been through what they have. I like to think if I were in their situations, I would do the same thing; that if my life were at risk for worshipping my Savior, and that all I had to do to avoid horrendous treatment would be to deny Him, that I would stand firm and never say such a thing; but I haven’t had to make that decision. I hope I would stand firm and never let Satan win a battle like that, but I can’tknow.

            So why is it that in a safe, free country like America, we still deny Him before our peers? Those people dying for their beliefs would jump at a chance to witness for Him without the possibility of torture!

            I’m not at all saying that because we live in such a safe, comfortable, free country that ministering to atheists is easy.  Christianity is not a very well
accepted religion in the 21st century world in any country – even one founded on its concepts.

            Christianity is no longer in schools. It is not acknowledged in textbooks. We do not see evidence of Christ followers everywhere we go. Instead, we are inundated by false theories of earth’s birth. We are encouraged to fulfill every one of our whims. We wait in line at grocery stores staring at flawless, skinny women on magazine covers. Yesterday I watched television for few minutes before beginning my homework. On the commercial break, there was a hair product commercial, followed by a weight loss commercial, followed by another weight loss commercial, followed by an acne medication commercial. It’s hard to find a dress that when adjusted slightly at the bottom doesn’t pull the entire thing off your chest. We are
forced to look at the clothes we buy fit perfectly on the unproportional bodies
of manikins…and be disappointed when the same clothing looks entirely different
on our own bodies. Television shows consist of thin guys and girls with clear
skin, thick gorgeous hair, long legs and six packs. Their teeth are perfectly
white and straight. Their clothing always fits like a glove. A little bit of
this overwhelming media can convince anyone they’re not good enough. Not thin
enough. Not pretty enough. Not fit enough.

            Wouldn’t it be incredible if GOD had this much media coverage? If instead of the demeaning images plastered everywhere we go, God’s love for us was revealed in every direction we turn? If on a bad day when we go to the mall, we saw not perfect photo shopped photos of girls or constant advertisements of items you “need” to be socially acceptable, but advertisements of God’s undying passion for us? The world would be changed. The world would be changed if God received HALF the media coverage appearance receives!

            There is no excuse. He gives us so much, and we fail to give him much (if anything) back. But do not think this is out of your control. It is just as much
your responsibility as it is anyone else’s to reach as many people with God’s
love as you possibly can. In Matthew 28:19, after Jesus has resurrected from
his tomb and is talking to His disciples, He tells them, “Therefore go and make
disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the
Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have
commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Some
of His last words to some of His closest friends in His life on earth were to
tell others of Him! Tell people of all nations the good news! Hide it from no
one! Share the news of our Savior proudly! He will be with you, “to the very
end of the age.”

The End

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