It is not my favorite word. It requires that I put away my iPod, get offline, stop texting, and do whatever unappealing chore or homework assignment I’m supposed to be doing. I don’t have a teacher riding me to complete homework assignments every day; I am given homework over a week’s time period, allowing me to fulfill the expectations of each tutor by the end of seven days. I have to prioritize my daily time, or find myself inundated by schoolwork on Sunday night.

            As young adults growing up in the 21st century, our lives are crazy. We are constantly rushing from practices to games to recitals to lessons to friends’ houses. Any down time whatsoever is normally spent texting or facebooking. If we have time to read, we don’t eagerly reach for the Bible. The first thing most of us do in the morning is look in the mirror, eat breakfast, or check our phones for text messages. With the hectic lives each of us leads in today’s world, we all manage to somehow squeeze in the activities we want to do. So why do we not have time to read our Bibles or spend quality time with our Creator?

            These past couple years are the first times I have ever successfully made reading God’s Word and actually talking to Him (not just repeating the same string of words every night when I’m already half asleep) into a daily routine. I would come home from classes and practices “too tired to read the Bible” promising myself I would start thinking seriously about my relationship with Christ the next day – which I never exactly accomplished. Though I was “too tired,” I always seemed able to stay awake long enough to talk to a guy on the phone for an hour, or watch a
television show I had looked forward to all week. I was able to read The Notebook after I had climbed into bed or mess with my iPod when I should have been sleeping. And yet, with my Bible on the same shelf as The Notebook,
setting directly beside my iPod, I was unable to resist the phone call or
record the television show for later or put down the book and turn off the iPod
in order to spend time with greatest thing about my life! I am privileged to spend time with God! I am unworthy of His acknowledgement, and yet He wants
to talk to me! How will I ever be able to find an excuse to justify not taking
advantage of every second I have with Him? How could I possibly think it’s okay
to listen to trashy music instead of reading Scripture He intended for me?

            “I need to study for a test I’m taking tomorrow. I have a paper due in the morning that I haven’t started writing yet. I just can’t read my Bible tonight.” I use that one way too many times. Why do you think we go to school? For an education. Why do we need an education? We’ll need it for college or for our future careers. Why do we go to college or have future careers? . . . That one’s a bit tougher. We endure school to get an education to go to college or to begin careers because that is
what God intends for us. If He didn’t need you to go to school, you wouldn’t be
there. Whatever He has planned for you, He’ll prepare you for. Therefore,
everything you do in school, in activities, in sports, in marching band, in
dance class, and in anything else is for Him. Your studies have everything to do with Him. They are for Him. By replacing Him on Sunday night to prepare for a test, I
am placing the importance of a test before the priceless relationship I have
with Him; that test should be for Him. Nothing should stand between me and my time with my Father.

            Ranking even higher than exhaustion
or homework on my priority list is guys. And for guys, I know its girls.
Watching a movie in the arms of that guy you’re crazy about or holding that
girl you care so much for is pretty nice. God doesn’t send us text messages
that make us blush or physically hold our hands when the teacher turns out the
light to watch a documentary.

            No, all He’s done is send His perfect Son away from a perfect place to live with sinful, wicked people on a corrupted earth with the knowledge that at the mere age of 33 years old, Hisone and only beloved Son would be ridiculed by people He blessed and endure violent beatings, be spat upon, and finally be cruelly nailed to a rough cross, where He would hang before the people He loved as they continued to mock and demean Him. All He does is stays awake every millisecond of every day, catering to our every need, remembering the likes and dislikes of each person of the
billions He cares for. All He does is makes sure you have a place to rest your
head every night, a warm place to sleep, an education you can do what you want
with, 24 hours seven days a week 365 days a year to do what you like with. All
He does is forgive us every time we break His commands - and we break them a
lot. All He does is direct us in the right direction (if we listen) at the same
time He directs billions of others.

            He doesn’t blow us off Friday night to watch a terrestrial phenomenon. He doesn’t decide He needs a break and climb into bed ignoring us all. He doesn’t become too overwhelmed by the insane amount of work He has to do and give up on us. He watches us fail time and time again by straying from Him, and He never fails to return to us with open arms. So why do we blowHim off, ignoreHim, become too involved in the livesHegave us to acknowledgeHim?


The End

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