I like to have complete control over every aspect of my life. I like to write down everything in order to maintain control over it. I occasionally make myself hour by hour schedules of upcoming days with the intention of maintaining absolute,
uninterrupted control over my day.

As young adults growing up in a world encouraging us to rebel against all worthy
authority and to follow the desires of our own hearts at the expense of anyone
who stands in the way, we often struggle with 
allowing anyone else to share control of our lives with us. I lose my
temper quickly if one of my parents justifies reading my text messages by
saying they pay for the bill, or if a teacher tells me I can’t or have to do
something I don’t want to do, or if I get sick on a day I had made plans, or if
my parents are struggling with money and I cannot help them, or if I have to
watch a friend’s life fall apart because of a marriage crisis that neither she
nor I can do anything about. I get fidgety behind the wheel at stop lights. I
feel despair when the internet is down and I am dying to check Facebook for the
twenty-third time that day. I nearly pass out if my phone has no service. I
foolishly flip out if people are hearing things about me that are not true. I
cannot stand being without control.

            I find it ironic that in an effort to perfect every aspect of our lives, we try to squeeze out the one authority in our lives that is truly
capable of perfection. We stress ourselves out when a big paper is due or when
a monumental decision needs made as if we’re going through it alone! How often
do we take these moments and consider how the Maker of all things perfect feels
about our own intentions concerning our personal gain? Is God not the one who
formed you, designed your areas of strengths and weaknesses, planned who you
would grow old with, decided the number of days you would live, and
meticulously designed your essential presence in the world to fit magnificently
into His massive universal plan? Yes, He is!

 It does not matter how hard you try to fit in with the right group of friends, where you choose to spend your Friday nights or who you spend them with, what sport you choose to invest your time in or what position you are skilled enough to fill, you cannot change the course of events God has planned for you. You can’t. You have free will granted to you by God, and you can do whatever you want with your life, but do not fail for one second to think that by doing so you are dictating your own life. God knows what decisions, good or bad, you have made, are making, or will make in your life. He knows if you will go to college or where you will go and if you marry or who you will marry and if you have kids or how many you will have. You made the decision, but he directed it. He intended for you to make that decision,
and He will use it to further enhance your life and the lives of many around

            It’s a scary thought, really. We always think we are governing our lives, and that we’re old enough and mature to operate ourselves in the manner we wish, and that our accomplishments are ours, earned by us. But that line of thinking is wrong. Until the day we die, our lives will be directed by God, whether we choose to like it or not. It doesn’t matter how hard we try to achieve success on our own, God could easily step in and throw us down a different course if it were to mean something greater for us in the future. In fact, we have no idea how many times He has already done this to us! A car driving ten miles under the speed limit that rudely pulls in
front of us on a single lane road and causes us to be late for something we
can’t afford to be late to could have saved our lives from a deadly crash a few
miles later. A broken arm in cheer practice that caused you to miss a national
competition could have saved you from an even greater head injury during the
performance. God will always see more and know more than us, and despite our
efforts, He will always have more control as well.

            It is hard for us to accept that some aspects of our lives are truly out of our reach. Imagine how much easier our lives would be if we accepted that a trustworthy, wise, perfect supervisor was alongside us at all times, pointing us in the right direction! Imagine if we listened for his instruction before we freaked out about a major decision that needs made! Imagine how stress-free our lives would quickly become if we accepted that through each painful situation we endure, God is waiting for us to ask His help! I don’t think we are normally even too stubborn to ask for His help, but in our confusion and anxiety, weforget!

            America has become increasingly secular. Public schools teach a ridiculous theory of the earth’s beginning, completely rejecting the enormous amount of evidence pointing toward Intelligent Design. God has been removed from textbooks. Our social environments at school and outside school are generally repulsive to God.     

            This is why it is more important at this moment than at any others in the past to feed your relationship with God! It will not be done for you by anyone else. This is yours; you must take responsibility for it. Though Jesus is not with us in the form of a human being, appearing in the market place transforming water into wine or healing the blind and deaf, you will notice so many everyday miracles that inspire you to fall to your knees in humility before Him. Have you never witnessed a
breathtaking sunset? Or held a newborn baby? Or watched intimidating storm
clouds majestically loom over your city? Or found yourself this close to being in a fatal accident you by chance avoided? Are
these not miracles?

            Are younot a miracle? Are you not a living, breathing organism with
two legs to get you places and two arms you take for granted? Can you not smell
delightful candles, see enchanting scenes, hear charming music, taste delicious
food, feel a kitten’s fur, decide what you like and what you don’t like, make
decisions for yourself every day, develop for yourself a unique personality
nobody else possesses? Were you not created by God? Does He not have a purpose
for you? Is He not perfect in everything He does? Should you not be willing to
trust Him than with everything you

            Are you not His miracle?

The End

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