This Too Shall Pass

Life pretty much sucks, to put it bluntly. It’s no secret that people are jerks;
people are selfish, rude, jealous, inconsiderate jerks.  I’m not just talking about people under the
age of twenty years old – I’m talking about every human being from ages one to
one hundred years old. There’s always a jealous friend around to undermine any
of your accomplishments, a teacher to give you an unfair grade on an assignment
you worked so diligently for, or a parent to speak words they do or don’t mean
that are never forgotten.

It’s hard to embrace life in the dismal world we’re living in. Even before we’re old
enough to pay taxes or begin a career or get married, we’re inundated by
stress, pressure, and unshakeable anxiety. Boyfriends, girlfriends,
insecurities, dysfunctional families, and societal standards of “normal” are
constantly bearing us down. It seems that as time progresses, generations
before us disappointingly expect less and less of us, which in turn causes us
to expect even less and less from ourselves. But, deep down, I think each and
every one of us aspires to more than the given expectations, and we want to
prove everyone wrong in every way possible.

This is a Bible verse most people have seen at least 1,001 times:

Don't let anyone look down on
you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in
life, in love, in faith and in purity.

-1 Timothy 4:12

            When taken to heart, the significance and meaning this verse offers is inconceivable. There is a being that believes in you, that expects more from you than anybody else ever will, that expects from you no more
than what you are capable of, but that expects 100% of what you are capable of. There is a being that loves you more than anybody else could possibly compete with, that knows you inside and out better than anyone you’ve grown up with, that wants you to want Him more than any guy or girl ever will.   He will extend His
arms when your life becomes a colossal mess, and you’ll find yourself a better
person with a more incredible life than before after you let Him fix it. We can
find an infinite number of reasons to hate life, to wish we were never born, to
pass through life without a will to even live; but GOD gives us a single,
incredible, indescribably inconceivable reason to live! To live with joy, peace, courage, and a passion for life that can’t be surpassed! And that reason is this: You have been given a unique gift by God that nobody else possesses. There has never been, is, or ever will be anyone like you. When you see yourself as useless, hopeless, or not good enough, God wants to hold you and share His plans with you; His plans for you are unlike any plans you have ever considered before. You are here for a reason! He wants you to be here, and He wants you to see in yourself what He sees in you!

            Our culture does a fantastic job causing us to feel worthless. I cannot possibly communicate to you how unappealing life becomes when you place society’s expectations at the top of our priority list. When you emphasize God’s love for you and acknowledge his plans for you though, life suddenly becomes remarkable.

            For a couple years, I obsessed over societal standards of beauty and self-worth, and found myself to be ugly, stupid, and worthless. I hated everything about myself. I did not necessarily  wish to be dead, but I definitely wished I wasn’t alive. I could not imagineGod having a plan for me. I tried to lose weight by restricting food. I cried every time I had to think about my image; clothing shopping, eating out,
pictures, and getting dressed in the morning always resulted in tears. I never
wanted to see my friends because I felt I wasn’t good enough to have any and
that I was too fat and ugly for them to like me anyway. No amount of consoling
could convince me that I was fearfully and wonderfully made by God, and that He
had extraordinary plans for me. I hated myself and my life, so I figured
everyone else did, too. After I gradually began to mature and eat a bit more, I
gained weight and later I started restricting again. At this point, I did not
have the same metabolism and I did not lose weight like I did before, which
made me eat even less. A doctor informed me that I had slowed my metabolism to
nearly a halt, and that I was in desperate need of a lifestyle change.

            Raised as a Christian, I was aware that I was not living the way in which God wanted me. Though the doctor meant for me to change my eating habits, I decided to start this lifestyle change by reading my Bible as I prepared myself a healthy breakfast. At first, I was bored to tears by the Bible. It had never exactly thrilled me before, and this time was no different. But over time, I began reading verses that made me stop and think and made me want to live a life trusting this Creator of the universe – Creator of ME – with all my struggles, and allowing Him to help me
overcome them. I started looking forward to reading my Bible and guiltlessly eating as a result of acknowledging something more important than food. I came across a verse that I now read constantly and have pinned all over my notebooks, walls, mirrors, and written on my hands on rough days:

“Therefore I tell you, do not
worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you
will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important
than clothes?”

– Matthew 6:25

            Our Heavenly Father does not want us to worry about our life. He does not want us to place our image, clothing, and crazy diets as more important than His life plan for us! This verse goes on and says:

Look at the birds of the air;
they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father
feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

            God cares about sparrows! He watches over them and makes sure they are provided for! He says we are more important than sparrows! We are worth more! It
does not take long to find a verse in the Bible emphasizing your worth and His
love for you. You are worth more than jewels, He reassures. He knew you before
you were existed, He confirms. He has a plan for you: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Can you imagine? Think about this. He
has a plan for you; a plan to PROSPER you! A plan that gives you hope, that
gives you a future! He loves you so much! He wants you to love Him! He is
watching you every second of every night and day, protecting you, extending his
arms to you, and offering you so much more than anybody or anything could ever
give. All we need to do is accept Him. That’s all it takes to live a life of
endless love with Him by your side! No matter where you are in your walk with
God, whether you and God are tight or whether you aren’t accepting Him into
your life at the moment, He loves you all the same, and He will never stop. He
will never love you less than He did the first second you existed. He loves
everything about you, and He wants you to see yourself the way He does. If you
feel at all the way I felt for such a long time, make today the first day you
see yourself differently, because you are here for a reason, and part of your
life’s purpose is to discover that reason!

 “For we are God’s
handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in
advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10)



The End

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