When it rains, it poursMature

So Mike's stupidity was obviously starting to rub off on me. How do I know? Well I actually agreed to help him. I let him start copying my notes out in the library, but the nonce was copying it out so damn slow I ended up copying out my own notes for him. Which was ridiculous. I really hope he knows this is not going to be a regular thing and that there is no way I’m helping him again, not after that.

So yeah, pretty soon last period came around and ended and I was free to go to my dorm. If there was one thing I really wasn’t feeling about college, it was the fact that we shared halls with guys. I could totally have a pervert living next to me. Surely this wasn’t right? But that’s not even the half of it, the thing that boggled me the most was... we didn’t have maids?! That’s right, no hired help. No one to turn down your sheets and pop a cute chocky on your pillow. None of that. I really had no idea what kind of hell hole I had walked into. Anyway, because of this, I totally had to do my own washing in the laundry room which was on the ground floor, and I had to hang it out as well on the count of, there was no fucking dryer. What’s that about?! But oh no, it gets better...I hung out my washing in the morning, and as I was walking to my dorm, it had decided to piss down with rain. Woopy. I jogged to my dorm hoping that getting there faster would give me more of a chance of saving my laundry from getting as wet as it was when I got it out of the washing machine. I unlocked my door and ran straight out to the balcony and yanked them all down from the line before even bothering to unpeg them. That’s when I noticed my neighbours washing was out too. That’s also when I noticed there must have been something wrong with me, because I was actually considering doing them a favour.

I climbed over the side of the balcony which was the only thing separating me and my neighbour and grabbed their stuff off of the line too, when I was done, I took them into my room and came back out to check I hadn’t left anything (with an umbrella this time). That’s when I saw it. At first I thought it might have been a lost spirit looking for its long lost soul mate, wandering around the campus... it wasn’t. It was actually someone pretty crazy.

Mike! What the fuck are you doing” I was surprised when he actually heard me through the heavy rain.

Dude!” he waved, he looked around “Oh wow, hey its raining!?” I just stared at him, he was obviously mentally ill, or high. “Hey is that your dorm!?”


No way!” with that he started jogging into the building.

Ohh kay. I got out of the rain and laid the umbrella in the bathroom and then thought seriously, I might have been potentially almost-friends with some sort of psycho and or, drug addict. Just as I thought that, I heard my neighbours door slam shut. I figured they'd wonder where their washing was, so I grabbed the pile of my bed where I left it and shut the door behind me. I just about knocked before they opened the door, with a huge grin on their face.


Key Eta!”

God no, you cant be serious?” I shoved Mike's washing at him and turned to leave before he grabbed me telling me to wait. So it was one hell of a coincidence that my next door neighbour was the psycho I was just thinking about. And to be honest, I thought it was too much of a coincidence. He told me how I should come in and I told him how he was a weirdo who was walking about in the rain. Somehow, - I cant really remember how - he managed to get me inside and the first thing I noticed was WHAT A FUCKING MESS IT WAS!

Haven’t you only just moved in?”

Yeah, I have a lot of stuff...” I could see that, most of it consisted of clothes, crayon drawings, loads of string and bracletts, which I will admit, were pretty cute, and a bunch of stuffed animals and rubber ducks. “Take a seat”

I'll stand thanks” with that, he sat straight on the floor amongst the clothes scattered all over it with a towel on his wet hair. God, he looked like a pig in muck. He sat there with the juice box he had been holding since he let me in, and slurped loudly.

Do you have a laptop?”

Yeah, I do”

You should go and get it” I actually don’t know why I didn’t put up a fight with that command, I think I was starting to get used to him or something. As I went into my dorm and got my Pretty-fucking-sexy-blood-red-notebook, I realised... I had just been invited into the room of the guy that I totally wanted to bite and keep as a dog. It couldn’t have worked out better, and it took me this long to realise it? He was definitely rubbing off on me. I brought my laptop back into his room and saw that he had already gotten his out. I bravely moved some clothes on the floor which I really wasn’t certain was clean, and sat down quietly. “So what are we doing?”

Were going to play second life”

I'm not playing that” he made me get my laptop..for that?


Because there is no way I’m gonna' play second life with someone I’m sitting right next to. Pick something else. NEXT!” He pouted like a baby before he sent me to a site with a link to download “Steam?...what is this?”

We're gonna' like, be able to play the same games as each other. Its going to be awesome, plus any games you buy on here wont be lost because you can log on anywhere and they'll still be there”

I’m not buying anything”

...fine, there’s a free racing game, we'll play that, I’ll add you as a friend and everything”

What do I need this for” that’s when he gave me these puppy dog eyes.. which unfortunately I wasn’t immune to “..fine” before I knew it things got pretty weird, and I was playing a racing game and talking to Mike on an instant messenger even though I was sitting right next to him. But it was kinda fun.

-So whats up with a college that doesn’t have separate halls for boys and girls?

-They must want us to get socialised

-Are you being perverted?


-Your ridiculous!


The racing game was totally crazy and Mike and I were totally getting along without me yelling at him for something. Along with IMing each other from the same room, which I never thought id find amusing. But here I was in a crazy person's room playing a crazy game. What had I become?

The End

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