The Correct Judge of CharacterMature

I didn't really need notes from her.

Well, I did...obviously...after missing 2 weeks of school. But they weren't going to be any good to me. It's not like I was planning on reading them or anything. However, it was the perfect excuse to be around Keita more. Which would, of course, lead to me taking her humanity. I loved taking girls' humanitys.


Anyway, we planned to meet at the library the next day, where I could start copying down some of the notes. God, the hard work I would endure just to bite a foreign chick. I planned to copy the notes real slow, so that I would have to borrow the rest and finish copying them later. Then, I'd have her come by my room to pick them up. Hopefully my roomate wouldn't be around.

Of course, my plans never work how I plan for them to work. Ironic, aye? ("aye" is a little something I picked up from Keita. Isn't it tight?)

What really happened was, she got bored and impatient over how slow I was taking her notes. And eventually, she just started copying all her notes on her own for me. And she finished all 12 pages before I even finished 3. She gave them to me and told me to get my ass to class because there was no way she was going to help me make up any more notes for the rest of the school year. Shit. Plan B...

I had no Plan B. I never planned ahead for my plans, and I especially never planned more than one plan. That was just much too complicated for me. "Simplicity in life will rid you of stress and purify your mind." An old fortunate cookie of mine read. I have lived my life by it ever since. If there was one thing important I've learned from life, it's to always rely on fortune cookies. The morals I learned from those things were about a hundred times easier to understand than the ones from the Bible, and a lot shorter too. My Aunt Francis lived her life by the Bible, I lived my life by the fortune cookie. She's dead. And look how far my fortune cookies have taken me!

"So you've missed the past few weeks of class, you begged me to not drop you, and now your class...drawing pictures while gazing out the window, with a box of 96 coloring crayons, and a juice box. Your book's not even out."

I looked up, and saw the ugliest creature I have ever seen, staring down at me. She was tall, skinny, gangly. She had 3 moles across her face. Small, but since her face was so gaunt, they looked like 3 massive volcanic mountains emerging from her sunken face. This is what the world was going to look like at it's end. I was sure of it. I had lived through the appocolypse, to see this horrid creature.

"What are you gaping at? Is there something on my face?"

That was it. It was over from there. How could I not nearly die from laughing after a question like that. Yes, there was something on your face! Fuckin volcanoes on your face!!! You might want to get that shit checked out.

Don't worry, I didn't say any of that. But I did burst out laughing. How could I not? I was high after all. I couldn't even remember how I got to the classroom...or the desk...Last I remembered, I was in the library, then Keita was lecturing me about me being slow and stupid or something...and then while I was trying to come up with a new idea of how I'd get her to come by my room, suddenly I found myself in class. With my horrid teacher glaring at me. Her disgusting spit falling across my face as she shouted at me and told me to get out of her classroom. I quickly gathered my crayons, trying not to laugh, and left. The class was awkwardly silent as I shut the door behind me. They were too afraid to laugh, probably because they had to have Mrs. Mole Volcano Face for the rest of the semester. Not me, I was through with her. I don't think I was allowed back even if I wanted to be.

I stood on the other side of the door for a while, listening for any more excitement, but it seemed like the teacher resumed the class like nothing ever happened. What a shame. Then I began questioning myself whether or not Keita had that class with me? Should I wait for it to be over so I could walk back to the dorms with her? But then I imagined the scenario of if she wasn't in that class, and the other students walk out of class, glare at me as they walk by as if I'm some insane drug addict or something who likes to color...and I'm just standing there...waiting for nothing...and then the teacher comes out and beats the shit out of me and then ties me up in her basement and tortures me. No...I was just going to assume that Keita wasn't in the class...So I walked back to the dorms, breathing in the night air, trying to clear my head and come up with a plan.

The End

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