Bad Judge of CharacterMature

So after a completely meaningless and slight disturbing conversation, I doubted my judge of character. This guy was pretty much something else, yeah he was different, I was totally right about that, but bloody hell he might have been special too. I mean he obviously didn’t know where the hell he was on the count of, he thought he heard a train. That was a little worrying. He also seemed a little high...

After our first conversation I noticed him more and more around the college, in fact he was even in the same classes as me. I always sat at the back and dared the teacher to call on me. Then he came in, shuffled his way to the teachers desk and handed him a slip. “This is Mike, he was a little late joining” first thing I thought was 'he must have gotten lost on this imaginary train', second thing was 'shit' there was an empty desk right next to me, and I knew for a fact he'd be told to sit there. As luck would have it, there was no other seats in the class at the time. The tutor pointed to the seat next to me and our eyes met for the second time. He made a beeline to the desk and threw his bag under it before sitting down. He looked straight at me and smiled. “Hi again” OK so I hadn’t completely lost interest in him, I just didn’t know how to handle him. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking, probably because he was hardly thinking at all, but still. I smiled and carried on reading. 'Romeo and Juliet' what a pointless story, all it basically meant to me was two kids too stupid to communicate properly and dying.

Woah, have you read this shit?”

I looked over, Mike was holding the book up by its spine as if it was poison or something. “I think its stupid”

I agree, they were both pretty clueless in it” he smiled again. Aww I liked him, he was a smiler. Unfortunately so was I, so I couldn’t help matching his. Even if I wanted to look uninterested. That’s when I noticed, his paper, ring binder and books were all covered in these trippy patterns, and they looked pretty fucking awesome.

Hey, those are really cool”

These?...They are? Thanks”

I grabbed one from his desk “I take it people don’t say that often then?”

People don’t really take notice of them” he finally decided it was a good idea to get out his actual English book which I was surprised to see was totally plain, I’m assuming because he didn’t have a chance to draw all over it, or he might have not even planned to do this class at all. He wasn’t exactly prepared “So, I don’t suppose you can help me?” I rest my case.

With what?” I gave my best suspicious look.

Well, I’ve totally missed like two weeks of work. Any chance you can help me catch up?”

You mean you want my notes”

Yes please”

That might have just been the cheekiest smile I’ve ever seen. But it didn’t matter, because he was crazy if he thought I'd go for that. “Are you stupid?””

I don’t believe you”

Haven’t we already had this conversation?”


That made us both laugh, which wasn’t good because it totally caught the teachers attention. He asked Mike a question, and there was very little chance he knew the answer. So he 'hmm'ed' and 'aww'ed' all the way through it which I found extremely amusing...

The class finished after that, and I left before the bell had a chance to ring twice. I had a free period right now and I was starving. I thought about going to find that Asian kid again, but it was boring to go after the same person twice. I walked into the common room and scanned it for someone who looked remotely pathetic and easy to convince. I settled on this timid looking boy who was sitting at a table on his own doing a cross word puzzle. Just as my arse grazed the seat all I heard was “Key Eta!” I stood up straight and turned around to see that idiot jogging toward me.

That is NOT my name”

Duh, I know, but I like saying it like that better. I hope you don’t mind” either way I knew that he didn’t care whether I minded or not.

I'm going to hurt you..”

Only if you're gentle”

You know there’s something wrong with you, yeah?”

Yep!” Oh my god I could have strangled him, and as I was about to open my mouth to tell him what a complete and utter nonse he was..


I stopped a little shocked “What?”

His face was really serious, until he turned to the boy still sitting down with his crossword. “Vampire – mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence of living creatures. Seven letters. Vampire”

We both looked at him, and the boy that was sitting down got up and went to sit somewhere else. That was the second time he had distracted me when I was seriously hungry. The thought of turning him into a vampire was rapidly starting to seem like a stupid idea compared to the other one I had. Which would simply be to just kill him and eat him instead.

So you're gonna' help me?”

Pardon? Why would I do a stupid thing like that?”

Because I remembered your name, and because I wanna' get to know you”

And why's that?” I crossed my arms in front of me.

It's a secret”


The End

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