Something Not so DifferentMature

Well, Keita's last bit there kind of threw me off...


Well mike, I hope you know your life’s about to change, because your about to become the first boy I change into a vampire in this college. Why? I already said, because your different. I had to have something different.


Now did she think this to herself? Or did she say this aloud to me and just forgot to put quatation marks around it? Whether she actually said it to my face or not, however, doesn't matter. Because at the moment, I was staring at her and was in a complete trance. After I told her my name, all I could think about was that amazing accent. Did she actually tell me that I was going to be her first male victim at the college? It doesn't matter, because everything she said after that just sounded like a train going by. It's really loud at first, and then the sound fades away, and the pitch changes. And then the train would go in reverse and have the opposite effect. Then forward again. I may have been slightly high.

But basically, all I could hear was that amazing accent...and I couldn't make anything out of most the words she was trying to say to me...She talked too fast for me, and her accent was so strong that most of it just went over my head. Or maybe I'm just using that as an excuse...I don't really listen to anything people are trying to tell me. Focus problem. You know.

"'ello?" She waved a hand in front of me.

"Oh sorry. Did you hear that train?"

"There aren't any trains around this area...I should know. In England we always get around on those horrid things. Public transportation here, however, is a load of shit. Took me forever to figure out a way to get to this damn college from the airport."

"So you didn't hear that train then?"

"Are you stupid?"


"I don't believe you."

"Me neither."

"God Mike, I hardly even know you and you're already stressing me out."


"...fuck you."


"PERV!" She slapped me and walked away.

And that was our first conversation. Well, from what I remember anyway.

As I watched her leave, I just shook my head and smiled to myself, saying under my breath, "Yep...that girl's only got a few days left as a human...then she's mine."

Why didn't I just do it right away? Well, as she mentioned, I'm shy. I think I mentioned that too, earlier in the intro. But in case you didn't catch it both times...I'm shy. I needed to try to get to know her a little better, maybe hang around her a couple days, so at least she remembered that I existed. Then lure her in to my room. Maybe if I attended a couple classes, I could ask her for help on some of my work or something. Some lame shit like that. Bleh, I really am mundane aren't I?

Suddenly I remembered that I didn't even catch her name.

"Wait!" I called after her, jogging to catch up.

"NOW what do you want?"

"What's your name?" I asked.

"I already told you."

"You did?"

"Oh, I'm sorry...was the train going by when I told you??? Oh, you poor thing."

"..." Wow, she was such a dick.

"Keita," she finally answered, "It's Keita. Would you like me to write it down for you because I can tell already that you're going to forget."

"No, I'm not THAT dumb. I'll remember, don't worry."

I didn't.

The End

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