Something DifferentMature

We're not born evil, not all the time. Some of us are doing our best to be good to a world that has done absolutely jack shit for us. Some of us are purposely destroying the world from the inside out and enjoy watching it decay. I'm just living and doing whatever the hell I want.

So meeting an idiot has really changed my life quite a bit. Its like, when you think to yourself 'wow, I just did something stupid' it just doesn’t matter any more, because you know there’s someone that’s going to do something equally stupid at least once a day. Fact. Which is why I’m happy I know him. I guess I'll have to tell you how this started.. from the beginning, so I'll do my best to remember the important bits...I moved from England under... unfortunate circumstances and decided to make the most of a bad situation by studying and trying to get somewhere in this pathetic life I had to live through. I didn’t really miss where I was from, in fact to be honest I rather enjoyed new beginnings. I could be whoever I wanted to be. When you lived like I did, its easy to pick up a few regrets on the way. When I made a fresh start, I could forget them, and no one would know.

College wasn't fun at all, people telling me what to do, what to learn, what to write, to be honest it really pissed me off and if I had the opportunity, I would totally kill every teacher that had stepped on my last nerve in the 14 days I had been here. I hated repetition, everything and everyone was just so boring and I didn’t really have anyone around me I would consider a friend at all, in fact they all looked like dancing chimps to me. Chimps don’t really make good company. I was really beginning to worry that my entire college life would be like this day after day after day. It had all turned out exactly like I had expected unfortunately. Everyone looked the same, thought the same and smelled the same. Except for one. There was something different about this one guy that I had noticed in the hall that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. At the time I will admit, I was trying to lure this really cute Asian kid into my room for a little fun, I hadn’t eaten anything in days, and if I could help it, I wouldn’t mind that meal being totally hot as a bonus. That’s when this smell passed me. I don’t know why I noticed it, in fact it was pretty.. mundane, but I think that might have been the reason. It was different. 

The guy it belonged to was pretty ordinary looking. When I turned to look at him our eyes met for a split second before he passed the table I was at and strolled over to the window. I couldn’t help but smile. “He's different” I thought aloud, the Asian kid next to me looked at me and then looked at the guy who had just passed us.

So.. later?”

"What?” I got up “Rain check” I smiled before I walked over to the window, he saw me coming but didn’t decide to move. I pulled my self onto the windowsill right by him. “Hello”

Hi” he said. Awww he's shy! How cute!

What's your name” I really couldn’t be bothered with the small talk so cut through the shit.

There was a small smile. “Mike...” KYAAAA! OMG. DIMPLE!

Well mike, I hope you know your life’s about to change, because your about to become the first boy I change into a vampire in this college. Why? I already said, because your different. I had to have something different.

The End

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